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Being the maker of the best clown shoes and patches you’ve ever seen in your life. It’s been made with hundreds of hours of devotion and effort. Every item made is designed, tested and adapted with attention to detail. Excepting the clown shoes themselves, they aren’t clown shoes. They’re clown shoes you can wear anywhere and are amazing for a variety of different items.

Out of the clown shoes you’ve seen in movies and the clown shoes on clown shows, this is the closest you’re going to get.

On the other hand, the clown patches are by far the best patch you’ll ever see in life.

The patches are applied with precision to the clown shoes and give them the most expressive look you’ll see on shoes. The clown shoes have a nice thick cushion and a shiny spot on the middle toe. The patch and toe are stamped with clown, clownpierce and clownpierce patches that have been painted with black acrylic paint.


What are the clown shoes made of?

These clown shoes are made of black leather that’s stamped with clown, clownpierce, clownpierce, clownpierce, and clownpierce patches in clown, clownpierce, clownpierce and clownpierce. The toes and heel pad are made with thin leather and have a spot on the top of the sole of the shoe painted to match the patch.

They come in a variety of different colors and designs and if you need a quality patch for clown shoes, these are the closest you’re going to get.

Calfskin and leather are used for the top of the shoe to keep it in place and the same leather is used to make the sole. The shoe has the largest collection of patches you’re going to ever see in a shoe.

On the sides, the shoe is fitted to the foot by lacing it up with thin leather laces and then leather straps are tied in place to give a little extra support. It’s a traditional shoe but makes a great look and the clown shoes and clown patches fit like a glove.

The patch on the shoe is nothing but clownpierce and when you put a patch on a clown shoe, it makes them the only pair of shoes you’re ever going to wear that look like clown shoes.

What are the clown patches made of?

The patch is made from a white rubber with red clown paint and a small red circle on it. You’re only going to get one patch in the shoe and that’s the patch that’s stamped on the toe. There’s a white patch on the shoe that looks like a clown’s mouth and is stamped on the inside of the shoe. The front of the shoe has the face of a clown with black paint on it and red clown lips painted on it.

The patches are painted with black acrylic paint and then hand painted and then painted again to give them their desired look.

They’re stamped on and painted with details that give the shoes the most expressive look you’ll ever see in shoes.

The clown shoes have a thick cushion on the bottom of the shoe and red clown shoes have a spot on the middle toe.

The clown shoe fits perfectly.

There’s a little rub on the sides that gives the shoe a little bit of a matte look but it’s barely noticeable. The patch is made with gray leather and the red paint is painted onto the leather with white acrylic paint. You can get a clown shoe patch in many different colors and designs.

The clown shoes are perfect for the clown or clownpierce patches.

Where to Buy Clown Shoes?

There are many different clown shoe stores online that sell clown shoes. You can find the biggest selection of clown shoes online by just going to your favorite online shoe store. You’ll find clown shoes for men, women, children, adults and they come in different sizes and colors. The clown shoes come in sizes that you’re not used to seeing. You’ll never get a pair of clown shoes in an adult size unless you’re a clown. You can get shoes in clown sizes for kids and adults.

Most of the clown shoe stores are trying to sell you the cheapest shoes that they can find but some of the best clown shoes are found at the best clown shoes online.

The clown shoes online are made with good quality materials and come in great colors. Some of the best places to get clown shoes online are clown shoes shops and clown shoe forums.


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