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The Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing recently updated the Mélanie 2 web messaging system. The platform is built on the basis of free and open source software. With Melanie2Web, representatives from different departments can consult and exchange emails. The ministries concerned are Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport, Agriculture and Housing.

Access to Melanie2Web messaging

Keep the URL on your desktop or smartphone home screen.

Start by opening your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge) on your phone or desktop.

You can then use one of these addresses:

  • this is the new official address.
  • this was the old official address, now replaced by the one above.
  • If none of these addresses work, search for Mélanie2web on Google.

When the Mel app login interface opens, you can select the Add to Home Screen option. So, you can create a “Mel” shortcut and add it to your phone or desktop.

The Mel app on your desktop or home screen

Using Webmail

To get started, click on the shortcut icon you created earlier. This will open Melanie 2 Web. The Melanie 2 Web app in your favorite browser.

Then the authentication page will look like the following:



In order to connect to Melanie2Web, you will need to enter your access codes:

  • username
  • Password
  • “Save my credentials on this computer” option.

When you’re finished reading your emails, don’t forget to click Log Out. If you have shared your PC, you need to log out of the email account.

Problem connecting to Melanie2Web

If you have a problem with your password If you have a problem with your password, you can request to have your password reset. If you have forgotten your password, it is not possible to reset it. exchange. You cannot therefore request an access code for a new one from Melanie2Web. This means you will need to go to your department portal and make a request to unblock your account. To find out which portal you should use to unblock your account, see the authentication portals section.

Contact support from the Ministry of Sustainable Development

For assistance, you must contact Application Support to file a request with your department.


Note on authentication portals

The authentication portal of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Access to the identification portal is via or You must then create a username and password to complete the connection.

Cerbere Authentication Portal

To access the Cerbere authentication portal, you must open your browser with Next, you will be asked for your access code to verify your identity.

Find yourself using France Connect

France Connect is an application that makes it easier to get in touch. In addition, it allows you to verify the identity of users. It is actually based on existing accounts, for which the user’s identity has been verified. This is, for example, the case for the administrations below. Indeed, they are able to easily confirm the identity of their users.

  • Health Insurance
  • Numeric identity
  • Mobile connection and me
  • Family health retirement services for seniors

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