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Connection to ENT 78

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For several years, the Versailles academy has used Oze Yvelines. It is a digital company that serves colleges in the 78 region. Additionally, you can find it under the name ENT 78. With Oze 78, parents and students can connect on oze college. yvelines.fr. Thus, they have access to all the establishment’s news.

Access to Oze Yvelines: The ENT of the 78 high schools

Each parent and student has the opportunity to access Oze Yvelines 78. Families have access to ENT 78 as soon as they arrive at the school. It is essential that students use their access and parents use theirs. Thus, logging into your own account allows you to access information intended for each person. For example, information provided by a teacher, school administration or parents’ lives. For example, a document or a collaborative space for students.

Once you log in to Oze 78, the dashboard will appear. This dashboard can be personalized using the numerous applications available:


Using notifications, you will be able to immediately see all the activities of your children’s school and your school: absences, homework, etc.

Contact and notice board

It’s a simple digital scoreboard. Indeed, even without having to leave your home, you will be able to see all the latest information broadcast by your school. If there is new information available since the last time you logged in, it will appear immediately.

Thanks to the Contact application, you can connect to the school and the CP or the head teacher as well as other teachers… It is in fact an integrated messaging system. Additionally, it also has its own directory in case you don’t have your contact’s email address.

Schedule and course schedule

Find all the lessons in your class and those that have been canceled. The calendar also shows all upcoming events in the school.

Electronic and behavioral notebooks

If the electronic liaison notebook has been installed in the child’s Oze Yvelines school, you will find a lot of information there. Indeed, you can consult the messages sent by the school or the teacher. Additionally, you can respond and provide documents if necessary.

In addition, you will be able to access summaries of observations and sanctions relating to the student’s behavior.

Homework and textbooks

The textbook lists all the homework that the student must submit. You can access the statement as well as the supporting documents. Plus, you know when homework is due.

My documents and collaboration spaces

Throughout the school year, students can access documents. Whether they are teacher notes or homework notes, they are an essential aspect of school life. Indeed, the collaborative space allows teachers to share homework as well as the materials necessary for students.

Pronote and SACoche: skills and notes

Oze Yvelines provides 2 very important tools for monitoring student education: Pronote and SACoche.

With Pronote, you will have access to all the notes. Plus, you’ll have instant access to your class average. Additionally, you can access the best and worst ratings.

With SACoche you follow your child’s progress in their learning.

Oze Yvelines collection box

This is a considerable step forward for student monitoring. In fact, the oZe Yvelines education platform allows you to collect homework from a group of students. This is particularly useful in times of restriction. The teacher’s corrections are made available to students for individual correction monitoring.

First connection to ozecollege.yvelines.fr

To connect to Oze Yvelines, you must have a browser connected to the Internet. Then, you must connect to ozecollege.yvelines.fr. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first connection or not.

Then it will appear that the Oze 78 identification page is displayed. To log in, you must enter your username and password.

After entering the school, the child will have access to each parent. The email address and personal code are then posted on a sheet of paper.

  • The access code will include your initial name, last name and an identifier if necessary. Then it’s @ecollege78.fr
  • The password is both temporary and complex. It is actually made up of letters, numbers and other special characters.

Connection Yvelines

If you are the first to connect to Oze Yvelines, you must start by changing your password. The password you initially chose is not secure enough since it is known to the student. Plus, it’s easier to remember if you choose to do it yourself.

Access to oze78?

Forgot your password ? Can’t get my hands on it, and it’s lost? Is the same true for your Oze Yvelines email address? The ENT 78 team is a complete plan!

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Start by connecting to the Oze Collège Yvelines portal at ozecollege.yvelines.fr. As soon as the login interface appears, click “Lost password?

The platform then offers you two options to reset your password.

  • Either you use your personal email address or your personal email. That is to say, the one you connected to your Oze account.
  • You can also use your mobile phone number. In this case, you will receive an SMS on your mobile.

password Oze 78

Parents of Oze Yvelines: need help?

If you feel a little lost on the ENT 78 Oze Yvelines portal, there is an online help page for parents. This site is accessible from the URL bdc.oze.education/docs/parents/.

So many topics are explained in depth. For example :

  • Password and login.
  • Dashboard and notifications.
  • You can access Oze mobile from your phone.
  • Your child’s schedule.
  • Behavior and absences.
  • The liaison and messaging notebook.
  • The school calendar.


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