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Hotmail was invented in 1996 by Jack Smith, then purchased in 1997 by Microsoft to make it part of the MSN Internet services arm. It was the first email platform accessible from any computer in the world via the website In 2012, the new version of the webmail service was launched under the name then Outlook 365 for the Cloud version of the Microsoft Office suite (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.).

Outlook is available on Windows Live

All messages and services are now available on as well as on One of the most popular services is the messaging platform where everyone can get an electronic mailbox for free to send messages electronically.

Outlook webmail offers:

  • A storage capacity of 25 GB
  • Up to 25 Megabytes for email attachments
  • An antivirus
  • an anti-spam
  • Protection against the threat
  • A spelling checker
  • a personalized interface according to the needs of its users.
  • An interface available in 30 languages.

How to create a Hotmail address?

Since the introduction of Outlook software, it is no longer possible to create an account with Therefore, if you already have an email address, you can continue to use it.

If you want to create an account for a new Hotmail account, you will need to register at Then you will first need to click on the “Login” button. Then you will need to follow the link “Don not have an account?” Create one! » .

the domain you use to send your email

In addition, you have access to the process of creating your account:

  • You can choose between, and
  • Enter the address you want to use for your mailbox.
  • Also set your password to access your mailbox.


How to connect your hotmail account?

Many people ask how can I access my hotmail address? 

There is no simpler! In fact, to access your hotmail mailbox, all you need to do is enter one of these addresses:

  • or
  • or
  • or


Each of these addresses will take users to the email service’s identification (or login) page.

Next, click the Login button. You will be prompted to enter your login information (email address, Skype name or phone number) and password. If you have disabled multi-factor authentication (or MFA), you will need to enter an additional security code (called a security code) or confirm the connection with a text message, call or smartphone app.

How to change your password?

Changing your password is simple. In fact, it is the same as your Microsoft account password.

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to the Security section.
  3. Select Password Security
  4. Enter your current password
  5. Enter your new password.
  6. In some cases, you may be asked to confirm your password change using an encryption code.

Password The procedure for changing your password is linked to your Microsoft account.

How to delete an account?

Your mailbox is linked to a Microsoft account. You must sign in to your email account to delete your Microsoft account.

How to recover a hotmail account

The process of unlocking your account is simple. In fact, you just need to follow the steps below to access your hotmail, and then you will be directed.

Be careful, it is recommended to activate double identification to guarantee access to your Hotmail messages.

The Hotmail mailbox: mailbox on

Once you sign in to your email account, you can browse and organize your emails according to your preferences: inbox drafts, deleted spam, and sent messages. You can create as many folders as you want.

How to recover a Hotmail password on your computer?

In the login window You can request a new access code from the login window if you have lost the password. To request a new access code, you must follow the following steps:

  • Open your account login page
  • Click on the “I forgot my password” link.
  • In the “Why can’t you sign in?” screen. », click on “I forgot my password”, then on “Next”.
  • Enter your username (email address or number) and security code, then select “Next”.

Once you have completed all these steps, you will receive a reset number via SMS. If you joined your Hotmail account with an email address from another source, you will receive this code by email.


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