Why do I need insurance

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Why do I need insurance?

The car itself is free, but if it gets stolen and you have insurance, you can get that back. Since the car is 100% covered, you don’t need insurance. So in the short term, it makes sense to just pay for the insurance. Even if you do have an accident, you won’t need to pay for anything.”


Where can I find cheap health insurance in the UK?


I am a 16-year-old girl and I have no health insurance and no job. Where can I find cheap health insurance?


How can I get my car insurance?


Hi, I am 14 and I just bought a car. It is a 1993 Chevy Cavalier. I am wondering how I can get my car insurance because it’s my first car. I am wondering what the cheapest insurance is. The car is paid off.”


Can I drive my car without car insurance for a week?


This was a really stupid thing I did and now I’m in so much trouble. What can I do? I’m thinking I can drive it for a week and then I’ll be able to get insurance for the next six months since it’s my dad’s car and he drives it often. I’m really worried though because I had no idea that I’d be in trouble like this. I’ve never had an accident before. I don’t know how to drive so I don’t know when I’ll be able to get my insurance.”


Which way is easier to pay for insurance on a car?


Which way is easier to pay for insurance on a car?


Do you recommend charging insurance in the UK as follows?


Charging 25% to the bank, then to the insurance company, with a return of 5%. So the bank gets 25% to put on their debit card and 5% back to the insurance. Also, the bank keeps 1% of the premiums. If I add all this together then it would be a monthly cost of £75. Please make sure it is the safest way to do this.”


Does the insurance company apply a pay-by-credit card fee?


I can’t remember if I told you that I am looking for car insurance. The insurance companies contacted me and asked if I am willing to buy insurance by credit card. I am now looking for online brokers that offer such policies. So I was wondering if any of you know a good broker that applies such policies. Maybe the insurance company charges a credit card fee for the credit card if the policy is purchased by credit card. Thanks.”


Where can I find cheap car insurance?


I am about to buy a second-hand sports car. I have checked out quotes online but none are acceptable because I don’t have any car insurance. I guess the only way is to get it from a new car dealer or a private seller. I have my own car and I want to buy this new one to be safe for a few years. Where can I find cheap car insurance? Thank you!”


Where can I get a good credit-card agreement?


My credit card expired and I have no credit card company with my report. My current card is maxed out and the only reason that I have it is that my dad has it. It’s due for renewal soon but I am not sure if I should go ahead with it and go for a bad credit-card agreement, because I know the rates can be really bad. I don’t want to have my credit card company do a bad report or stop working with my dad’s card. If anyone has a good credit-card company with a good credit-card agreement, please let me know!”


New insurance in NC?


So I’m from the US but I live in Canada now. My dad’s car has been in NC for about 5 months now. It passed inspection with a sticker showing less than 45% mileage. If I take it home, I have to pay NC insurance. I have bought all my insurance from NC companies so far. I still have NC insurance for my car, so the only difference here is that the NC company isn’t used to selling to Canada. Which makes it difficult to get a good deal. If I go home and switch it out, will I need to get another NC policy,


 I will be ok with the car and the NC insurance.


And if so, will the NC insurance company charge me anything extra for another NC car insurance policy for a car I’ve been taking? Thanks!” Has anyone ever paid a smaller premium for “after taking out a loan” insurance in another country and then bought the insurance again in the UK? I’ve found insurance for a car, but it’s only after buying the car that it’s like a loan.


Insurance companies take these loans off people’s insurance, the most popular is the insurance company taking out a personal loan and offering it to the policyholder, they pay the loan back, and also the insurance policy, when the loan ends they offer the loan back. It’s like the person has been paying for insurance, only when they buy the car do they pay the loan back and have to buy another insurance, the first policy is like a loan, and only if you are good with loans or want to save money and not put any money on the insurance,


but then the insurance would have to be renewed again, but would there be an option to do it every year instead of every 6 months, in which case could there be a cheaper policy? In this case, do the insurance companies take it off when they sell the policy? Thanks!”


Driving without car insurance would be a crime?


This is my first time filing a claim on a car and although I can argue it with my insurance provider it would not go so well. I drove the car all day yesterday until it got a flat and I stopped at a petrol station where I called the insurance. They showed up within an hour and although I kept saying that I was not driving, that I had the insurance, and that there was no way for them to show up without it, it turns out that I wasn’t right either.


It has been exactly one year since I’ve had car insurance and not a single claim was made and the insurance company refuses to pay for a flat. My claim is 50,000 in value and they’re charging 100. So would it still be illegal to drive without insurance? Thanks.”


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