How do I activate my phone on Sprint?

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Unfortunately Sprint does not officially offer activate a device on the Sprint website, but it’s possible to activate your device on the Sprint website. You’ll be presented with a number of questions and it’s important to answer them precisely. Sprint will not activate a device unless it is fully paid for by your credit card. If you intend to purchase this phone from Sprint the device must be activated on a Sprint plan.

You will not be charged a separate activation fee when activating a phone on Sprint. The activation fee is charged to the credit card.

Before getting a Sprint plan and activating your phone on Sprint please read the following:

1 Find out about the financing and finance plans available on your phone.

Learn about the interest rate rates.

3 See our phone payment offers.

Will Sprint notify me of my rebate offer before my rebate reaches my account?

No. You must first use the Sprint ID website to activate your phone. After activation, you will receive your activation code via email in the coming weeks. At that time, you can enter that code into your account on the Sprint website to activate your phone. Then your phone will be activated and your rebate will be automatically processed and deposited into your account. If you already have a Sprint ID account, your rebate will be applied.

Does Sprint offer other discounts for this phone?

Sprint does offer a discount to customers that select a Sprint Plus plan for their smartphones.

An option for customers that purchase a new phone on Sprint is to do an over the air upgrade. This way, your phone will be activated on the Sprint network, activated with a new line and at the end of your lease your phone will be turned off and your old phone will be turned in to Sprint for credit.

Incoming calls from Sprint;

If you’re purchasing your phone from Sprint and not the Sprint Shop, your device will be connected to Sprint’s network immediately. You’ll be notified through your Sprint ID account when your phone is turned on. This will be at least 2 hours before the Sprint Shop is open.

The Sprint Shop will open one hour before it’s officially open.

This will happen when the Sprint Store opens, which can be anytime between 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. It will happen earlier if Sprint opens earlier or closes earlier. You will not have incoming calls on your Sprint phone. The phone is turned off. This will only be the case for incoming calls from other Sprint accounts or carriers.

If you’re the owner of the Sprint phone and do not own a Sprint account you will not have incoming calls to your phone.

There are currently no plans to allow callers to access your Sprint phone or add a new number to it.

Will the Sprint Shop accept credit cards or phone cards?

All cell phones purchased at the Sprint Shop can only be purchased with the Sprint Wallet card. You will not be able to use a credit card. If you decide to purchase your phone at the Sprint Shop and you want to activate it on Sprint’s network you’ll need to activate it on the Sprint website.

What happens if I get a phone during the Sprint Shop?

If you buy the phone from Sprint and it doesn’t work after you activate it at the Sprint Shop then the phone will be returned. Sprint will help you get your phone back, or you can activate it on the Sprint website using your Sprint ID account.

Will the Sprint Shop accept gift cards or a refund?

The Sprint Shop accepts gift cards for any new phone. Sprint will not accept any phone refund.

Will the Sprint Shop accept service contracts?


Sprint does offer several plans to choose from, however there are several restrictions. For example, the Sprint Shop offers different pricing plans based on the network you choose. You can only choose one network, Sprint, for your plan. If you choose to buy a phone and it is purchased from the Sprint Shop, your phone can only be activated on the Sprint network.


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