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Today we will talk about Lithuania.

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Today we will talk about Lithuania. There are still 123 countries in the world. The benefit of this is that you get to know what is happening in which country, what kind of jobs are there, what kind of professions are thriving there, what kind of businesses are doing, what is the political situation, what is the rest of the thing.

Lithuania is my favorite country in all these countries. It is a small country with a total population of 28 lakhs. In 1990, they got independence from Russia. These are all Baltic states in line. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland on the south, Norway on the north. These are all Baltic states. In 1990, they got independence.

In 2004, I think they joined the European Union and then they started in Europe. So these are all fresh young countries. All the rich people left to big countries. Some went to Germany, some went to Norway, some went to France.

All the rich people left to big countries so that the thieves could do more work. So the poor media workers are left.
The country wakes up at 8 o’clock, 3-4 o’clock and goes to sleep. There is a lot of relaxed life. I have never seen a more relaxed life in my life.

There is a horse in every house. They teach shooting to children. They train rifles from the age of 3 to 4 years.
At the age at which our children are in need of a pamper, they shoot there. So it is a very interesting country. Lithuanian language is spoken, Russian is spoken, radio is also spoken in Russian. There are good places to travel. There was a strange coincidence with me.

I went to see the National Museum. I saw a cap with prayers, and a tazbi and wazuka. I asked why they are here. They said they were not Muslims. They said they had a war. So they called some Muslims to help. Some 200-300 years ago. They left their remains. I said if they had come here, they would have lived here.

They would have been here. They told me that they were near the Polish border. They told me that they had come there. I saw that they did not find any Muslims there. I saw a woman sitting at a Korean shop. She was selling some groceries. She had a small shop. Women do a lot of work there. She was praying with her hands up.

She had a tazbi. I asked her what she was praying for. She said she was praying for God. I said I know the meaning of God. She said she was not Muslim. I asked why she was praying.

She said she saw her grandparents. She said whenever there was a problem, she prayed. I felt that a good person should reach there. If you are in Lithuania, you can easily take over the whole country. I had requested them once.
I told them not to ask. Lithuania does not have an embassy. Even if they don’t make an ambassador, they can make a cultural attache. They can send me to the country.

I will take over the country in 10 years. They did not listen to me. It is a very interesting country. There are many jobs there. It is one of the safest countries in the world. It is in the top 20. Public internet is the second most popular country in the world. The second most popular country in the world. You can find 85% of the population in the world.
85% of the population speaks English. You can reach Berlin in 1.5 hours. Paris and Rome in 3 hours. Madrid is also 2-2.5 hours from the world. It is a good country. If you visit the south of the world,

you will find Poland. You will find Norway on the north side. Russia is also connected there. Belarus and Tatarstan are connected there. Lithuania and Estonia are also connected. So it is a very useful country. Lithuania is number one in laser technology.

When I was studying at Fulbright, one of my friends worked in the EPA. He worked in the protection agency.
His name was Vildas Adam. He was the president of Lithuania. He was a US citizen. He was the president of Lithuania. He was a friend of mine.

It is very easy for you. I worked there a lot. I got a lot of opportunities to travel. I always say that I am the third after Sri Lanka. I am the first in Pakistan. I am the second in Sri Lanka. I am the third in Lithuania. The number of the US is on the 6th and 7th. They have just launched a new initiative. They have less garbage.

They are moving ahead in software technology and IT. They are getting a lot of work. When the war of Ukraine took place, all the software development companies in Ukraine were doing a lot of work.

Ukraine was doing a lot of work in software development especially in Salesforce, AWS, GCP, DevOps. Ukraine was doing a lot of work. All that work was stopped. Lithuania got all that work. Lithuania does not have people.

They have launched an initiative called Work in Lithuania. I am sharing its website with you. You can go here.
There are many jobs available. There are still 200 jobs available in Pune. Python developers are needed.

If you move there, they will not only give you jobs or green card residency, but they will also give you 3,444 Euros for the settlement cost and relocation. It is around 11 lakhs in Pakistan. You are getting 11 lakhs. You are getting jobs.

They will give you jobs, and they will settle you in the country. This is the country of the world where the population is decreasing daily. There are 9 children born in a year and 15 die every year.

So the population is decreasing every year. They incentivize people to get married and have more children. This is a great expertise of Pakistanis. If you want to increase your family, you can go there. But do go for work.
I am sharing its website.

If you like this series, I don’t have a direct connection with the field. But if you like it, I can easily make it for 123 countries.

What jobs are there in Tirana?
What is happening in Skopje?
What is happening in Sofia?
What is happening in Bulgaria?

Relocate to Lithuania, where our vibrant startup scene and thriving business ecosystem offer abundant job opportunities! Lithuania proudly boasts:

• The top-ranked country in Europe for foreign direct investment strategy, recognized by fDi Intelligence.

• Ranked 5th globally for remote working, allowing you to achieve a perfect work-life balance.

• Securing the 2nd position worldwide for online security, ensuring a safe digital environment. What’s more, a staggering 98% of residents in Lithuania express happiness with their lives here! Job Search Websites:





5. (EURES portal: 3.9 Million jobs in Europe, 1 Million CVs, 5 Thousand Employers registered)


To support your journey to Lithuania, check out:… (For a wide range of job opportunities in Vilnius) •

(First-time visit information) Embark on an exciting new chapter in Lithuania – a land of opportunities, growth, and happiness!

• Lithuania is a small country with a population of around 2.8 million people.

• It gained independence from Russia in 1990 and joined the European Union in 2004.

• It has a relaxed lifestyle with many people emigrating to bigger countries.

• Lithuanian language and Russian language are both spoken. • There are job opportunities available especially in IT and software development.

• Lithuania is one of the safest countries in the world and has high internet usage. • It has good connectivity to other European countries. • Lithuania leads in laser technology.

• Due to a decreasing population, the government incentivizes people to get married and have children.

• There are job opportunities for software developers, Python developers and other IT roles. The government provides relocation assistance for new immigrants.


Because I have visited there many times and worked there. So this is a great idea of these countries that what can you do. Anyway, you can enjoy working in Lithuania. I hope you will like it. If you want to go there, you can take a copy of the Quran. I went to the bookstore to buy a copy. It was 25 Euros. I thought 25 Euros is very expensive.

It is cheap. So I thought I should buy a copy for 2 Euros. But when the demand increased, I bought a copy for 25 Euros. Someone wrote a translation in Lithuanian. You will get it there. Anyway, you can work in religion, in the world, you can get married, you can have a family, and you can do a job. So you must apply. I will introduce you to some people.
I also know that this video will be useful.


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