Is Fox Now Free with Amazon Prime

Understanding Amazon Prime's Offerings

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Amazon Prime, a widely popular subscription service, offers an array of benefits to its members. From free two-day shipping to exclusive access to movies, TV shows, and more, Amazon Prime continues to expand its horizons in the digital entertainment world.

Fox Now and Amazon Prime: The Connection

What is Fox Now?

Before diving into the relationship between Fox Now and Amazon Prime, let’s first understand what Fox Now is. Fox Now is a streaming platform that provides access to live and on-demand content from the FOX network. This includes popular TV shows, sports events, and news broadcasts.

Is Fox Now Available on Amazon Prime?

The question of whether Fox Now is free with Amazon Prime is one that many subscribers are curious about. The integration of various network streaming services with Amazon Prime has blurred the lines between individual subscriptions and Prime benefits.

The Verdict: Is Fox Now Free for Amazon Prime Members?

Unfortunately, as of [current date], Fox Now is not included for free with an Amazon Prime subscription. However, Amazon Prime members can access Fox Now content in several ways:

  1. Amazon Prime Video Channels: Amazon Prime offers the option to subscribe to additional channels, including Fox Now, for an additional fee. This is over and above the standard Amazon Prime subscription fee.
  2. Through Linked Accounts: Some cable providers allow linking your account with Amazon Prime, providing access to Fox Now. This, however, is dependent on your cable subscription and not directly a benefit of Amazon Prime.
  3. Free Trials and Promotions: Occasionally, Amazon Prime may offer free trials or promotional access to channels like Fox Now. These are time-limited and subject to change.

Maximizing Your Amazon Prime Experience

Exploring Alternatives Within Amazon Prime

While Fox Now might not be free with Amazon Prime, there are plenty of other similar channels and content available within the Amazon Prime ecosystem. Prime Video, a part of the Amazon Prime package, offers a vast library of movies and TV shows, including originals, that cater to a wide range of preferences.

Keeping Up with Changes

The world of streaming services is constantly evolving. Amazon Prime regularly updates its offerings and partnerships with other networks. Therefore, it’s always a good idea for subscribers to stay updated with the latest news and updates from Amazon Prime.


In summary, Fox Now is not currently free with an Amazon Prime subscription. However, Amazon Prime members have multiple ways to access Fox Now content, albeit with some additional steps or costs. As always, Amazon Prime continues to offer a diverse range of entertainment options, making it a valuable service for its subscribers.

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