Incidental Seventy Everything You Need To Know

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In the colorful and imaginative world of SpongeBob SquarePants, the bustling city of Bottom is brought to life by a host of diverse characters. Among these, a lesser-known but equally captivating character emerges the enigmatic Incidental 70. Often blending into the background, this seemingly ordinary character has surprisingly charmed fans, forging a unique bond with the audience through his understated presence.

Exploring Incidental 70’s Role:

In the lively underwater realm of Bottom, background characters play a pivotal role in enriching the show’s narrative. Incidental 70, a character who initially might not catch your eye, has gradually garnered fan admiration. His unassuming introduction in “Christmas Who” leads to a memorable scene in the “Pickles” episode, where he utters, “H-h-hey, SpongeBob’s back!”, marking his standout moment.

A Dive into His Appearance:

Examining Incidental 70’s design offers a glimpse into the show’s creative artistry. Imagine a small, light tan fish, sporting a beak-like mouth, a reddish-brown fin, and a round belly. This charmingly simple yet vibrant design adds to the underwater tapestry of characters. Despite his consistent look, occasional variations in his appearance keep viewers engaged and guessing.

The Enigmatic Arc of Incidental 70:

The intrigue around Incidental 70 is heightened by his mysterious absence from the series for over two decades. This absence culminated in a dramatic return in “The Yard Sale.” His character continues to evolve, appearing in “Potato Puff” in season 13, further adding layers to his unpredictable nature.

Spotting Incidental 70 in SpongeBob’s World:

Incidental 70’s journey weaves through various episodes, from his assertive stance in “Walking Small” to lighthearted moments in “April Fools” and the festive “Christmas Who?” He also makes appearances in “The Patrick Star Show,” allowing fans to spot this beloved character across the SpongeBob universe.

An Interesting Tidbit:

In the vast world of SpongeBob SquarePants, Incidental 70 stands out with its charm. Interestingly, he was credited as “Customer #1” in the “Pickles” episode, cementing his place in the show’s history. Artist Leo Laifa recognized his appeal, featuring him in Season 14’s promotional artwork, highlighting his lasting popularity. His unique design, occasional speaking roles, and memorable catchphrases have earned him a devoted following, contributing significantly to the show’s charm.

Conclusion: Celebrating an Unheralded Icon:

As fans delve into the adventures of Bottom, the importance and allure of Incidental 70 should not be overlooked. His unexpected story arc, distinctive look, and subtle yet meaningful contributions solidify his role in the SpongeBob SquarePants saga. So, during your next dive into this animated world, keep an eye out for Incidental 70 – the unassuming hero who adds a delightful layer of joy to the series.

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