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Catalan police report a new scam in Spain: fake Amazon messages. Fraudsters try to obtain personal information, such as banking details.

Cybercriminals use their imagination to try to scam citizens. For several days in Spain, the inhabitants have received an SMS indicating that a parcel originating from the platform Amazon is in the course of delivery. After the text, a clickable link appears that claims to indicate where the package is located. The Mossos d’Esquadra informed via their.


Twitter account that this message is in reality a scam.

If received, they recommend that victims delete it immediately. If they are waiting for a package from Amazon, they must check that the URL is that of the official website. If in doubt, it IS recommended to consult your account from the platform website.

Increase in false messages

To achieve their goals, fraudsters use the names of major international brands to gain the trust of future victims. They also use administrations or banks to avoid arousing suspicion. This practice, called phishing, consists of obtaining personal data from victims, such as banking information or access to different personal accounts. The Mossos d’Esquadra inform that the false messages are largely listed on their official website. They are increasing but can be easily identified.


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