Boilers have become an integral part of every house because they provide a warm and comfortable environment during the winter as well as hot water for daily use. Boilers have evolved so much over the years and they are more efficient and enduring than ever.

However, your cozy environment can quickly turn into a nightmare if your boiler breaks down during the winter and you run out of both heat and hot water in your house. sometimes, the problem is so small and can be handled immediately but most of the time it requires more professional and expert hands to fix it.

The good news is, there are professional services that are providing 24/7 services for boiler repairs in London and its surroundings.

Whether it’s Boiler Repairs in Hackney in the east or boiler repairs Ealing in the west, you can hire them with a single call. They will send down their professional and certified technicians and boiler engineers who will repair your boiler and restore your cozy environment.

What are the Different Types of Boilers?

Combi Boilers:

Combi Boilers aka combination Boilers are the most popular choice of boilers for small households. They do not require separate water tanks for hot and cold water. They consist of a single unit that provides both heat and hot water for the house. As the result, they need far less space for their installation than other types of boilers. They are very efficient and fast because they can use gas and oil as their fuel.

Nevertheless, since they do not use a separate tank for hot water, they can’t serve both purposes of heating and providing hot water simultaneously.

Regular Boilers:

Regular boilers are also called conventional boilers. They use separate tanks for both hot and cold water storage. The tank for cold water storage is installed on the roof or in the attic and fills in the boiler with gravity action. The boiler will heat the water and send it to the heating system while filling the hot wat cylinder with extra water for household usage.

Regular boilers are a suitable option for large houses and low water pressure because they have separate water tanks. They also take up more space than other boilers because of that.

System Boilers:

System Boilers consist of two components i.e., the hot water cylinder and the boiler. They take their cold water supply directly from the overhead water tank of the house. they heat the water and send it to the heating system for distribution and fill the hot water cylinder with the rest of it.

They are easier to install as compared to the conventional boiler and take up lesser space. They are also suitable for larger properties with multiple rooms and bathrooms.

When do you need to Repair Your Boiler?

A boiler can suffer from different problems depending on its age and type. You may need to call repair services if:

  • A fault in the ignition system or fuel supply is causing ignition failure.
  • Your boiler is suffering from low water pressure.
  • The water temperature in the boiler is exceeding the design limits and causes the boiler to overheat.
Boiler Repairs Hackney
Boiler Repairs Hackney
  • Your boiler is shutting down due to a problem with the fuel supply line.
  • There are water leaks in the pipes or the boiler itself.
  • There are mineral deposits settled in the boiler which have reduced its efficiency.

Why You Should Hire Boiler Repair Services?

Boilers are very complex and potentially dangerous and they require specialized skills and knowledge to repair them. We suggest you do not approach your boiler to repair it yourself and call the professionals. Here is why you should hire them:

They Provide Safety:

Professional technicians and boiler engineers have both experience and skills required to carry out a successful and safe boiler repair. Any attempt to do it yourself may end up in serious hazards and property damage.

They are Certified Experts:

Professional technicians are experts and gas safe certified to repair the Boiler Repairs in Ealing. They can diagnose and resolve the problem efficiently and safely. Moreover, they can carry out the repairs in a swift manner so that you don’t have to suffer from heat loss for a long time.

They Have the Tools:

Boiler repair requires a set of particular tools which normally people don’t have in their houses. Professional boiler technicians not only have the necessary tools but also have access to vendors who provide high-end replacement parts.

They Protect the Warranty:

If you try to repair the boiler yourself or hire an unqualified person to do that, you may void your boiler’s warranty if it still has one. A professional and qualified technician makes sure to do the repairs properly to keep your warranty valid.