What is the target price for ABNB stock?

I’ve placed ABNB stock under the average price-target range of ABNB’s five analysts. The target price for ABNB stocks range sits between $24-33. Each analyst has a different target price and recommendations; therefore, the target price ranges are higher than those of ABNB stock itself.
I’ve used average price targets because ABNB stock itself has a slightly lower target range: $23-25. For example, Perrier Douville and Jefferies both rate ABNB stock as a “buy” with a target price of $25.

ABNB’s price target range underperforms the average price target.

ABNB stock’s target price range for 2018, 2017, and 2015 is ($20.11-$24.26) = 2.5. The target price for 2018 is $23-25. The ABNB price target range for 2016 is $29-33. The ABNB price target range for 2015 is $27.60-31. ABNB’s average price target for 2017 is $23. The current ABNB price target is $21.24.


Based on the average price target and stock’s current value, ABNB is at $21.24. The stock is undervalued based on its potential. The chart for ABNB stock indicates that the stock has been trading in a sideways pattern. Moreover, the ABNB stock price has oscillated between a rising price trend of approximately 7% and a falling price trend of 9.6% in the past 12 months.
Last month’s price action is a near reflection of the long-term price trend of the stock. Investors should carefully consider ABNB stock’s price action in determining whether the stock’s value is decreasing. The value of ABNB stock comes from ABNB’s earnings per share. Quarterly earnings estimates for ABNB in 2018 and 2019 are $3.03 and $3.47, respectively.
The potential price range of ABNB stock has been between $21.24-$27.24. However, its current value sits in the middle of that range. The stock is fairly valued. Investors can consider ABNB stock a buy based on the best price-target range. However, you should monitor ABNB stock’s price-target range over the short term.

Why not ABNB Stock?

ABNB stock is a small company with relatively limited valuation data. Long-term price comparisons for ABNB stock cannot be made. Stock prices can fluctuate by significantly more than other companies. The ABNB stock price is currently trading near its best price-target range. ABNB stock is trading at slightly lower multiples compared to ABNB stock’s average price target.

Stock Price Volatility;

ABNB stock has volatility that competes with any stock. The stock currently has a mean-reversion price trend that falls slightly below its best price-target range.
The stock’s share price volatility increases as the price-target ranges increase. Investors should pay close attention to ABNB stock’s price-target range and price history.

Bottom Line on ABNB Stock;

The stock’s $21.24 price-target range reflects the ABNB stock price in 2018. ABNB stock will be able to recover its value in the coming months. Currently, ABNB stock has a 12-month average price target of $24.61 and a 2018 price target of $29.50. However, it’s unknown how ABNB stock will perform in the next year. There’s a lot of uncertainty for the company. Investors should monitor ABNB stock’s price-target range over the coming months to evaluate the stock’s price-range performance.


ABNB stock has potential for a significant increase in price and a positive price-range performance for 2018.However, the ABNB stock price has fluctuated slightly, which has led to uncertainty and volatility for investors. While ABNB stock has the potential for significant upside, it’s difficult to recommend the stock for value investors.
Currently, ABNB stock is trading near its best price-target range of $23-$25. However, the price has been fluctuating between a rising price trend of approximately 7% and a falling price trend of 9.6% in the past 12 months. You can purchase ABNB stock to monitor the value of ABNB stock.

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