What is Movie Kids?

Movie Kids is a new movie viewing app for parents. It offers a fun and safe way to watch family movies, dramas, documentaries, and kids’ movies.

Why we love MovieKids?

According to MovieKids, they have big plans for the future of Movie Kids. They hope to develop an innovative user experience, and their apps are currently in beta. Movie Kids is available for iPhone and iPad, with more versions in the future. Also, for the low price of $9.99 per year, Movie Kids users get access to all three MovieKids apps. And the apps can be updated at any time to fix any bugs or add new features.
It is an amazing app and looks like a good service for parents. But it seems they rely heavily on the recommendation of friends and family members, even though it is recommended to keep children away from unsuitable content. Thanks for your comment.
I understand that as I write my comments here there is some noise suppression going on. So this is obviously no compromise at all. You do realize that this is only a perspective on your part on the service, right? The reason this was approved to be in the moviekids app store is because it has been vetted. So you also realize that since this was the company’s decision, this app must not be offensive.

Why would anyone care to get this app as opposed to other products?

The bottom line is that it is up to you to decide how far you want to go to suit your own desires. Thanks for sharing your opinion.
Gordon Shaw January 20, 2014 @ 00:17 Hey Michael, I agree with you. However, I also disagree with your understanding of media through a film medium. Movies are a form of entertainment where we go and watch on an endless array of screens. We watch films that are “safe,” yet we still pick movies for

What makes MovieKids different?

The features of MovieKids vary and the app’s creators try to provide variety for parents and kids alike. Movie Kids is available for free on both iOS and Android devices.

How to download and install Movie Kids?

Download and install Movie Kids from the Google Play Store. Please note that the app does not run on Windows or Mac systems.

How to watch movies?

In order to watch movies on Movie Kids, you need a compatible device with compatible apps. Users of smartphone models that support 1080p will be able to use Movie Kids. The app is compatible with most movie apps. MovieKids can be used on a smartphone and tablet device of different models and sizes (eg. an iPhone 6 and Android phones with Android OS 4.4.2 or higher).

How to find a movie on Movie Kids?

Search the MovieKids app on iTunes and Google Play Store to find movies and shows. MovieKids helps you discover movies that your family may enjoy. Find a movie or show for your child in the app’s Movies & Shows section. Once you find a movie or show, add it to your movie queue, which is where you select and add movies to your watch list.

Why Movie Kids won’t show mom & dad?

People watch movies and shows to have fun. Because of that, parents would not want to watch movies with their kids at home. However, because MovieKids is a movie viewing app, parents can watch movies with their kids as long as parents watch at a suitable time, so they do not end up being spoiled by the movie, or spend too much time in the movie. Also, parents will not be able to see any inappropriate content on MovieKids app (although kids may get to see inappropriate content because they would be behind the adults). And for parents, there is no explanation of what the movie or show is about (this does not mean parents cannot discuss the content that movie or show has). Parents would appreciate Movie Kids app for keeping them away from the inappropriate content.

Movie kids can never be a substitute for the movie right?

This app is not intended to be a substitute for movies or movie theater in anyway. Movies and movies will always exist. Movies and movie theaters have changed over the years. Movie Kids is intended to help parents who want to provide kids the opportunity to watch movies and watch movies at a convenient time. Parents who want to go to the movie theater or movie theaters can find those easily enough with the movie theater apps and websites.

Is Movie Kids safe for kids and teens?

It is recommended for children under 12 and teenagers, as this app can get them into dangerous situations, such as inappropriate themes and other areas where kids may end up losing themselves to the movies.

But is MovieKids not made for parents too?

No, parents can also use this app on their smartphones and tablets.

Does MovieKids have features that can be used by kids and parents?

No, the app is targeted at parents who want to watch movies with their kids or kids who want to see the latest movies. For all the latest Parenting News, download the app and share your thoughts with us.