Your own home is a peaceful place that provides you with the utmost relaxation, refreshment, and calmness. But buying a house is not easy as the buyers are confused between 2bhk and 3bhk. It would be beneficial for you to choose 3bhk flats in Mumbai, as it is an investment for life. There is plenty of logic to choosing a 3bhk apartment. Some reasons are discussed below.

Larger space:

An essential factor that you should think about is spaciousness while buying a home. After an energy-reducing scheduled day, all we need is the comfort-zone and heartwarming family time. Personal space is necessary for all of us to enjoy our spare time and nurture our inner growth. Everybody loves to live in a spacious home. More space means the benefit to keep more things for a comfy life. A 3bhk apartment is enough for a single couple with two children. There will be an extra room that can be used as a study room for your kids or a guest room. Nowadays, people use more furniture and storage stuff that can fit within a 3bhk house undoubtedly. Furthermore, a larger space can facilitate small parties and events within your house and it would not make the environment claustrophobic.

Additional bedroom:

3bhk flats provide three bedrooms, which is a great benefit for the owner. In the era of nuclear families, very few people live with their parents and that one spare bedroom opens a window for them to stay together under the same roof. Even if you often invite your friends and family to stay, a 3bhk property would be useful for you. Having another room in the house ensures comfort for everyone.

Having an additional bedroom in a 3bhk flat can be a significant advantage for various reasons. Firstly, it provides a space for extended family members or guests to stay comfortable when they visit. In today’s fast-paced life, people tend to move to different cities or countries for work, education, or other reasons, resulting in nuclear families becoming more common. Therefore, having an extra bedroom allows family members who live far away to visit and stay together under the same roof, which strengthens family bonds.

Secondly, having an extra bedroom provides flexibility and convenience for the owner. The additional space can be used as a guest room, a home office, a study room, a playroom for children, or a storage space. With the pandemic forcing many people to work remotely, having a designated workspace at home has become more critical than ever. The extra room can be transformed into a quiet and comfortable office space, providing privacy and concentration, away from the noise and distractions of other family members.

Moreover, having an additional bedroom also adds value to the property. In case the owner decides to sell the property in the future, the extra room can increase the resale value of the flat. Additionally, it also makes the property more appealing to potential buyers who might be looking for a spacious home.

Best value for your money:

Buying a home is a one-time investment. But most people find 2bhk flats affordable without considering the facts. Though 3bhk flats have higher rates, investing in them would be wise. If you are looking for a home loan to buy a 1bhk property, you may get charged a high-interest rate as compared to a 3bhk property. Hence, people select 3bhk flats rather than small apartments to buy.

Convenient for the future:

People mostly make a lifetime investment to safeguard their family’s future. Before purchasing a flat, it is important to think about the near future. You have to remember that the family grows with time. At present maybe a 2bhk is perfect for you but it is not future-friendly. For couples who are going to welcome their child, a 2bhk may bring discomfit for their family. But a 3bhk ensures you a comfortable space for all.

Setting up greenery:

3bhk properties can be heaven for the nature-lovers as there is a lot of space for planting. On the other hand, small flats have hardly any space for all this. Big apartments allow you to nurture your green buddies and bring the positivity of mother nature close to you.


Your dream is to buy a house with all the latest amenities to make a living seem trouble-free, pleasant, and fun. So, it is evident that a 3bhk apartment will be advantageous for you and your family. Find the best 3bhk house in Mumbai to live with your parents and children altogether.