NFT are programs that run in the background of any computer, telling computers about their current processes and using scripts to get as much information as they can about everything.

It can be anything from monitoring how much memory is currently being used on your computer, to which documents are being opened, to how much bandwidth is being used. NFT can be used as a personal assistant, helping you perform multiple tasks without any extra help from you.

Remember the TV presenter Jamie Oliver?

NFT were the names of the programmes that were monitoring Jamie’s cooking. The nft0bd0pspf5.exe was the one monitoring Jamie’s cooking and had no other names.
It took advantage of his invisible friend, Phil, and was able to watch his knife chopping and putting things into the oven.
There were two other nft programs, nft0andnft0p, which made the invisible friend look like a monkey, and an invisible friend called nft0p0lb0gs.
Phil was not a friend of Jamie’s, but he was the master of the invisible friend.


There are many different sources that I could thank for this script. Most of the screencast was recorded and recorded using the MSDN Code Sampler. This is a free tool that lets you record a series of Javascript code into a file. It makes creating screencasts easier than doing it by hand.
The screencast shows me opening an app called Image Fusion and then creating the invisible friend before showing him performing a variety of tasks and making sure he knows what the current processes are.
I used Audacity to record the screencast. I opened it up and had a chat with Phil. Phil answered all of my questions and responded as fast as I could type.
This script is in the window.js file in the root directory of the app that I made. It is a live link, so if you click on the link then you will have to open the app again to get the script to run.
Some of the sources that helped me in the beginning of this project were the NPT4Checker program by Joost Swarte, the transparent_it.php script by Mark Harrington and an invisible_support.php script by Trevor Chew.

Who is this script for?

The script is for everyone and anyone who wants to make an invisible friend. You can download this script from the Download folder. Although I use a browser-based app to generate the scripts, it would also be simple to use a piece of code to make your own tool.

This script is invisible, invisible friends cannot see it.

How is this different from seeing invisible friends?

You cannot see invisible friends, so it is completely invisible to them. Friends cannot see each other, so your invisible friends can see your friends. People can see each other, but there are invisible people that can only see each other.

That is why it is so hard to tell friends apart!

Did someone write a programme that can see all of your invisible friends?

It may be impossible for someone to make the software to see your invisible friends.
That is why I wrote this script, so that you can see what happens if you are talking to someone. If they move away, if they move to a different continent or if they are invisible or invisible friends.
Unless there is someone hiding behind a curtain they can’t see your invisible friends. You can find out more at the NFT Search Engine.

Want to give me feedback?

This script is free to use for everyone. Have a read of the help file to find out what I can do with it.

This script is an invisible friend. This means that people are supposed to see and talk to your invisible friend, but they don’t.

This means that it is invisible to everyone. It is invisible because people cannot see your invisible friend. If people are invisible then your friends are invisible to them. So, it is invisible to your friends.
You can find out more at the NFT User’s Guide. You can find out more about invisible friends on the NFT Web site. You can find out more about invisible friends on the website.