What do you do when you hear your front doorbell ring? You probably jump up, drop what you’re doing and rush to the door to open it, right?

Only when your hands are wet or you are busy moving something heavy are you allowed to yell at the door: “Wait a minute. I’m coming!” .

If you remember türsprechanlage resisting the impulse to throw the door wide open without a second thought, you can peek through the peephole just before it opens.

Most of the time there is nothing wrong with that, especially if you are young and strong and confident.

But perhaps you should also think of other family members, who may be less resilient than you, and who may be confused by an unexpected surprise, be it threatening or unusual.

You can easily imagine such a situation from real facts that you heard and that happened in your neighborhood, even if for someone it was just an unpleasant experience and not a tragic event.

Install a very simple device

Installing a very simple device on the front door, you immediately get some important benefits. We are thinking of a video intercom, a device that allows you to see the image of the person waiting outside and talk to them even before you approach the door.

If it’s helpful, a feature can be included that allows you to open the door remotely by simply pressing a button.

No more unplanned interruptions, no more wasted time, no more distractions and a lot more security too. For older people, it can certainly be a welcome solution, relieving them of difficult or painful movements.

For everyone, it’s a relief from a chore and a real gain in extra freedom, for different reasons.

These devices generally have a small screen, black and white or color, and some of them can even be connected to an old, unused TV to see a larger picture. If the place is unusually dark, the included infrared illuminators, if available, can help you see.

A special gadget is also offered that offers more features of a full-fledged security system, including a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor to launch an embedded video recorder when motion is detected, either coming at your door or just passing by It. Whether these features give you additional benefits is an open question that you might want to consider.

Long gone are the türsprechanlage days when doors were left unlocked without fear. Unfortunately, nowadays you should think before you open the front door if you don’t know who you’ll meet in front of the threshold. A simple video intercom at your front door can give you that extra confidence and peace of mind.