For a great many reasons, people choose to go to a private dentist over an NHS one. One of the main reasons they avoid visiting NHS dentists is because they are open only from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday. You never know when a dental issue hits you, needing you to see an emergency dentist.

Or maybe you are at work and your schedule does not allow you to visit the dentist at your preferred time. This means you have all the struggles to deal with when it comes to making an appointment with an NHS dentist.

No matter why you choose to see a private dentist, there are loads of benefits in store for you. When it comes to dental services, there are virtually no limits. But you need to follow due diligence while choosing a private dentist for your toothache, maybe.

To help you find the best private dentist near me that suits you, we have tried jotting down a list of things you want to consider while choosing a private dentist.


Look for their experience

The first thing you want to check is whether your dentist is registered with the UK’s General Dental Council.  A registered dentist is someone you can trust. If he or she is reputed, they will not hesitate to display their registration numbers to assure you of their expertise.

You do not want to avoid looking for reviews online. A reliable dentist will have featured reviews throughout the website. However, these reviews are chosen and featured by them.

You may want to take time researching and checking their reviews on Google. The reviews on Google will give you a better picture of their expertise. Look at the way the dentist has responded to the negative reviews. At one point or the other, we all get negative reviews.

Has the dentist ignored the negative review? Argued back? Or Maybe they have asked the unsatisfied patient to get back in touch so they can make the situation right.

What’s more? It works in your best interest when you other people’s comments and whether they would recommend it. Do not hesitate to ask around neighbours, your friends, and your family. Know how they have found the experience.

You can also look at Facebook Groups to learn more about your local dentist community.


The cheapest things are not always the best

They say you get what you pay for. You may have found an uncharacteristically cheap dentist in your locality, and you decided to visit that one. Think twice before doing so. The price might be cheaper for a reason, which you do not know yet.

If you have a budget to stick to, a private dentist is a good idea. Check what plans they have. There are many established dentists who have plans suitable for children and other individuals. They often consider how many times you need to go for a dental check-up. A genuine dentist will also offer 0% finance to split the cost.


You need to feel comfortable

The moment you arrive at the dental practice, you are greeted by the receptionist politely. She welcomes you, tries to get familiar with you and asks questions so that you feel comfortable. If this happens to you, it shows decency and etiquette.

Will you not prefer being a patient of a dentist who takes the time to make you feel comfortable and work out an oral health plan? Make sure you check their website thoroughly and social media to learn if they take this extra time.

·         Do they post content that is informative to common people?

·         Do they provide information about their expertise and practice?

·         How do they communicate with the members of the community?

If they do all these things, you have peace of mind that they will take time to make you feel comfortable during your visit.

Some patients are nervous and if you are one of them, check whether there is a dedicated section of the website that helps anxious patients. A friendly yet qualified dentist will recognize that not everyone feels okay with a dental visit. All they need is a high-quality practice that reassures an anxious patient, helping to get through the appointment.


Check their range of services

The primary yet distinctive difference between a private dentist and an NHS one is that private dentists usually have more treatments suitable for all patients. Apart from general dental care, they often offer cosmetic dentistry.

If you decided to visit a dentist specifically for cosmetic purposes, make sure you check if they offer the service you are looking for. Also, look for the reviews that patients left on their websites about the service.


They should specialize in preventative oral care

The primary role of a dentist is to do preventative care. A dentist provides sufficient help and advice to ensure your oral health is in tip-top shape. A dentist will keep checking for the warning signs of gingivitis, gum disease and cancer. Check whether the dentist goes one step further by offering resources about what you should do to prevent this.

While you consider checking their social media and website, look at whether they provide relevant advice on how to perform good at-home oral hygiene. If they offer so, chances are they are highly committed towards their job of ensuring their patients have the highest level of oral preventative care.


Try to check their opening hours first

Last but not least, checking whether the appointment time matches your schedule is a must. A good private dentist will have more flexible appointment times and opening hours available.

Maybe these simple tips will allow you the opportunity to work with a good private dentist who understands your needs best. Do not hesitate to ask questions that come to mind and get everything clarified before you sign up for anything.

Hopefully, you have found this post helpful! If you wish to visit a local private dentist at the smile clinic in London, consider checking upfront.