Leaky roofs, damp walls, and mold growth – don’t we all want to get rid of these problems once and for all? Microplaster and waterproofing services could be the solution you’re looking for!

Water damage is a nuisance, affecting any construction project’s structural integrity, health, and longevity. People invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in building their dream homes, and one flaw can make it all go to waste. A lack of waterproofing can reduce your investment to rubble, making your house vulnerable to rapid deterioration. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right method of waterproofing for your home based on the specific needs and conditions of the building. 

Let’s explore why your house needs waterproofing services and how microplaster can be the best alternative to traditional plaster.

Microplaster and Waterproofing For Homes

Water is a powerful force that can cause severe damage to a home if not properly controlled. Even small leaks can cause damage to walls, flooring, and ceilings, leading to mold growth and other problems. Heavy rainfall, floods, and plumbing failures can quickly escalate the situation, causing even more significant damage. Furthermore, water damage can negatively impact indoor air quality and make a home uninhabitable.

When water enters your home through cracks, holes, or other openings in the walls or roof, it can cause the wood and other building materials to rot, weaken, and eventually collapse. Waterproofing helps to seal these openings and prevent water from seeping into the structure of your home.

Generally, there are 3 methods of home waterproofing:

Exterior Waterproofing: waterproofing the outside of the building, usually by applying a waterproof coating or membrane to the foundation or walls. This method is most effective in preventing water from entering the home and is commonly used in areas with high water tables or heavy rainfall.

Interior Waterproofing: waterproofing the interior of the building, usually by sealing cracks and gaps in walls, floors, and ceilings. It is most effective in preventing water damage from leaks and is often used in areas with high humidity levels or a history of plumbing failures.

Combined Waterproofing: combines both exterior and interior waterproofing and is the most effective in preventing water damage to a home.

Microplaster is the world’s first waterproof plaster that can work perfectly in combined waterproofing, protecting your house from water damage comprehensively. Microplaster and waterproofing services can help maintain the integrity and longevity of your property, breathing new life into the house. 

The Science Behind Microplaster for Home Waterproofing

Microplaster is a relatively new technology for waterproofing various surfaces in general construction and swimming pools. It incorporates micro-ceramics and special resin to create a plaster with enhanced waterproofing properties. Micro-ceramic technology refers to the use of microscopic ceramic particles as the primary element in plastering for establishing a resilient barrier around the desired surface.

Plaster is typically made of Portland cement, fine sand, and water. When mixed together, the Portland cement and water form a paste that hardens and binds the sand particles together to form a solid surface. However, this admixture can be prone to cracking and water penetration, which can lead to leaks and other problems in the long term. 

Although some construction companies add epoxy resin to the Portland cement-based mix for waterproofing different surfaces, the plaster does not sustain for long. That’s why microplaster offers a great alternative to regular plaster.

Micro-ceramics used in microplaster and waterproofing services have the potential to reduce water permeability more efficiently than any traditional mix. The small size of the ceramic particles allows the micro-crystals to adhere to each other and the surface with incredible strength. It also offers an even distribution throughout the plaster mix, which helps to create a uniform and durable surface.

Additionally, the ceramic particles in microplaster are able to absorb and distribute stress more effectively than traditional plaster mixes, which helps to reduce the risk of cracking and other types of damage over time.  

The Advantages of Microplaster and Waterproofing

Waterproofing is essential to protect your home and its contents from water damage, which can cause significant damage, reduce the lifespan of the building, and lead to costly repairs. Whether it is heavy rainfall, floods, or plumbing failures, waterproofing can prevent water and harmful chemicals from seeping into the interior of a home and causing irreversible wear and tear.

Here’s what microplaster brings to the table:

Microplaster protects the structural integrity of houses. The damage caused by water penetration far exceeds the surface-level cracks and discoloration – it affects the wood, reinforcement steel, and other materials used in building the structure. Rotting, weakening, and breaking can occur, making your home vulnerable to collapse, especially if you live in a state like Florida, where natural calamities can uproot houses in a matter of seconds. Fortunately, microplaster can offer your house an infallible defense mechanism.

Without adequate protection from water, mold, mildew, and other harmful substances can grow in damp areas of your home, causing respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues. Microplaster and waterproofing help to prevent these substances from growing by keeping moisture levels low and ensuring that indoor air quality is healthy and safe. 

Microplaster is also important for financial reasons. A home that is not waterproofed is more likely to experience water damage, which can be expensive to repair. In addition, if mold and mildew are allowed to grow, it can result in costly remediation and cleanup efforts. By waterproofing your home with micro-ceramic technology, you can avoid these costs and maintain the value of your property.

The Bottom Line

Microplaster has revolutionized how homeowners protect their precious investments from water and chemical damage, and SKIN is the pioneer behind the incredible micro-ceramic technology for home waterproofing.  By using this technology, homeowners can enjoy a healthy, longer-lasting, and more functional home that is less likely to suffer leakage and require costly repairs over time.

A SKIN Microplaster can go over terrace floors, kitchen counters, bathroom walls, and every other surface prone to water damage, creating beautiful, aesthetic, luxurious, and impervious barriers. Knowing that your home is protected from water damage and other hazards can give you the confidence to live, work, and raise your family in a safe and healthy environment. With SKIN Microplaster and waterproofing solutions, you can enjoy your home for many years to come, free from the worries of water damage and other related problems.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – make sure your home is protected with proper waterproofing today!