In the eCommerce world, user experience is one of the most critical factors governing revenue generation. That is why the popularity of headless website development is the maximum in this industry. It is a modern concept that will simplify the web architecture and help you to manage the website easily.

However, if you don’t know the exact ways in which you can utilize the concept of headless web development, you may end up investing without generating maximum ROI.

So, this post is for those people who don’t have much technical expertise and still need to understand the technology and its benefits.

The headless Website development architecture concept is complex

It is beyond doubt that the headless structure of a website and CMS can simplify the entire web functionality. But the concept is complex in itself. There is a clear distinction between the presentation layer and the back end.

Management of the two standalone solutions will increase the job of maintenance.

  • It may increase the maintenance costs
  • You may get more latency in the server.

But there are always solutions to such issues. The inclusion of more APIs can solve the problem easily.

Hiring the right professionals

you can’t deny that the success of a headless website depends mostly on the expertise of the developers who will apply the concept and create the APIs.

Be it the metatags or the inclusion of APIs, it is the professional developers who establish the headless structure flawlessly. The top-notch developers at companies like Civilized Savage show the world how to implement the headless CMS concept for creating the most responsive eCommerce platforms.

Access to a world of technologies

You will be thrilled to know that the headless architecture does not limit you to a few technologies or platforms or programming languages. Although expert professionals plan to use JavaScript mostly for such websites, the options available are plenty.

  • Java Script is the common SDK for headless platforms, especially for front-end applications.
  • Software developers prefer to create maximum applications applying Vue, Node, and React.

To sum it up, the headless applications are tech agonic. As you connect via the APIs, you can use any technology of your choice for the website.

Mach stack receiving traction

While talking about headless development, you cannot avoid the concept of the MACH stack. MACH stands for

  • Microservices
  • API-first
  • Cloud-native
  • Headless architecture


Microservices aid in splitting the software up and taking it to the next level. It supports the division of the monolithic platform into the smaller sub-sections that possess individual features.


If you split the application into microservices, you must arrange for communication between the microservices. And this is where the APIs come to play. The Headless websites seo gets better with the API-first approach.

You can build the pieces by defining the APIs. 


The MACH stack will be using the cloud for managing the servers. You can now outsource the risks and challenges related to the infrastructure to the external vendor.


Decoupling is a natural part of the headless approach. And this imparts the much- needed flexibility to your platform.

Choose the right developers

Headless architecture is a nascent concept. And this is introducing entrepreneurs to a new world of software applications where you need the most talented developers.

It’s not an easy task to understand the concept, perceives the requirements of your company, and plan the use of software accordingly for the website. Only the most logical team of experts can do the job flawlessly and within minimum time,


The most productive idea is to get a platform and then extend the possibilities through customized development. If you choose this path, you have to choose the right basic platform.