A fruit basket is a customary gift of fresh fruits, vegetables or chocolates in celebration of a special event. A fruit basket is also given as an everyday courtesy to guests at weddings and other social gatherings. In recent years, the popularity of fruit baskets has spread to business settings as well.

There are many reasons why employers consider giving out a fruit basket as part of their employee recognition program. First, providing fresh produce assists employees with staying healthy and fit; it can help reduce cravings for unhealthy snacks that might harm weight management goals. Second, sending out a nice—and often unexpected—fruit basket makes employees feel appreciated and cared for. Third, delicious fruit is a great way to show team members that you value their input and participation in business decisions.

Top 10 reasons to send fruit basket:

  1. To thank someone for a job well done or to congratulate them on a new accomplishment
  2. To celebrate an event, such as a birthday or graduation
  3. As an apology if you accidentally dropped something on the floor
  4. As a gesture of goodwill at any time of day or night 
  5. Because no one can have too many fruit baskets! 6. As a way of making someone’s day
  6. To say “I care”
  7. Send as a thank you for housekeeping services 
  8. As a gesture of goodwill at a business event or banquet 
  9. In the case of an illness

Popular belief is that sending fruit baskets as a gesture of appreciation communicates that you care about the individual and their well-being. This can go a long way in building goodwill and making the recipient feel appreciated. Additionally, sending a fruit basket can promote healthy eating habits and help people get the vitamins and minerals they need. For some recipients, this gesture of kindness may even serve as a morale booster during difficult times. 

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