In such a robotic, materialistic, and extremely busy world, going through some kind of mental or psychological disorder has become a norm. They usually occur due to stress, fear, failure, accidents, and any other unwanted happenings or traumas. However, delay in their treatment can make the situation worse not only for the patient but also for their family and the whole society. 

Detection of types of psychological disorders, their root cause, and effective treatment to cure them is a daunting and time taking task. However, going through the neuropsychological assessment and testing can create a great difference. It not only helps to detect mental health issues or problems but also provides deep insights into the reasons and history of a disorder. 

What is Neuropsychological Assessment?

Neuropsychological assessment and testing is a highly effective and emerging treatment used by neuropsychologists to detect psychological problems. From root causes to history and treatment selection to the effectiveness of the treatment it helps them to cover each aspect. Specialists used talk therapy and oral and written tests for diagnosis. 

Various psychological platforms like Camali Clinic are providing the services for this treatment. However, selecting a credible clinic and preparing the patient before scheduling the appointment with a neuropsychologist is crucial to avoid any stress or problem during the treatment. 

Types of Neuropsychological Assessment 

Depending on the testing methods and diagnosing tricks, neuropsychological assessment is categorized into types or classes. 


This type of neuropsychology does not involve any tests or practical applications. Neuropsychologists linked to this type only do searches to collect data about different kinds of psychological problems and their related aspects. They provide this data to their clinical colleagues or teams to help patients cope with their mental health issues. 


This type of neuropsychology involves clinical applications such as assessments and tests. They take both oral and written tests with detailed interviews to detect the problems and their reasons, write conclusions, and suggest the treatment. Clinical neuropsychological assessment may involve; 

  • Memory test 
  • Intelligence test 
  • Behavioral test 
  • Aptitude tests 
  • Vocational tests 
  • Personality tests 

Uses of Neuropsychological Assessment 

Neuropsychological assessment is a widely used technique that not only helps neuropsychologists but also assists psychologists and neurologists. It is mainly used for the following purposes; 


One of the major uses of this treatment is to diagnose all types of mental disorders. Specialists used various techniques, including questioning sessions, written tests, and talk sessions to find out the type of mental disorder and the root cause behind it. They can also hold patient interviews to know the background of the disease. 

Differential Diagnosis 

Some disorders are quite different but share mutual symptoms. Diagnosis of such disorders is quite a tricky and time-consuming task. However, the use of neuropsychological assessment is the fastest and most effective way for differential diagnosis. 

To Assess The Damage 

Thus treatment is not only used to diagnose new problems but also used to assess the damage done by a known problem. For example, in the case of a brain injury neurologists use this treatment to detect the affected part and the strength of the damage. 

Right Type of Treatment 

Selection of the right treatment to cure psychological disorders is a daunting task. The reason is that patients suffering from the same disorder behave and react differently to the same treatment. Therefore, specialists use neuropsychological assessment to select the right treatment for a particular patient. It also helps them to keep track of the treatment’s effectiveness.   

Treatment Effectiveness 

Another major use of this treatment is the detection of the effectiveness of a particular treatment for different disorders in different patients. Based on this report, they can select and make important changes to provide the patient with more effective treatment.

By doing neuropsychological assessment in Dubai, specialists can also measure the recovery speed and apply effective methods to fasten the healing process. However, it requires a skilled and professional approach to getting desired results. 

Final Thought 

Neuropsychological assessment is one of the widely used treatments by both neuropsychologists and psychologists because of its multi-fictional ability and time-saving approach. However, the selection of a credible platform is essential to get desired results and avoiding scams or frauds.