One of the most beautiful treks in India is Kashmir Great Lakes. There is no doubt in this. Kashmir’s mythical status of being heaven on earth is validated here. It is located 75 km northeast of Srinagar. There is a spread of panorama of wild, rugged mountains, turquoise alpine lakes and rolling meadows. You get to explore more than six of these lakes and five very different valleys. The range of landscape makes the trek moderately difficult which takes over six days. The trekking days are long and the ascents and descents are steep with no easy exit points. So for a beginner who hasn’t been exposed to high-altitude treks, the trek is going to be difficult.

The trek is meant for experienced trekkers. Even though the trek is difficult, the challenges are worth taking. Each day is going to be fantastic, with a new alpine lake to explore and enjoy everyday. These lakes are even prettier because of the snow patches spread on the lakes. You can snow sliding off the mountains into the lakes. You’ll sometimes see milky white icebergs floating on the blue lake surface. 


You have to reach Srinagar on your own and meet the trekking team. The registration, document verification and health screening, takes place close to Dal Lake at Srinagar at a common place, along with the rental gear collection.

1st Day

On the first day, you drive from Srinagar to Shitkadi. From Shitkadi we trek to Nichnai. The duration of the drive is 2 hours. The drive is for a distance of 50 kms. The distance of the trek is 11.6 kms. The duration of the trek is  6.5 hours. We reach a height from 7,800 ft to 11,607 ft.

2nd Day

On the second day we trek from Nichnai to Vishnusar via Nichnai Pass. The trek distance is 13.5  kms. Duration of the trek is 7 hours. The gain of Altitude is from 11,607 ft to 12,011 ft via 13,229 ft. The trek type is moderate. There is 1.5 hours of gradual ascent followed by a climb for an hour to the pass. Then there is a steep descent from the pass for about an hour, leading to a flat walk.

3rd Day

On the third day, we trek from Vishnusar to Gadsar going through Gadsar Pass

The trek distance is 16 kms and the time taken to complete the trek is 7.5 hours. The altitude gain is 12,011 ft to 10,706 ft via 13,715 ft. The trek is moderately difficult. For 1.5-2 hours there is steep ascent followed by 1 hour of steep descent which leads into level walk. 

4th Day

There is a trek from Gadsar to Satsar on the 4th day. The distance of trek is 11.5 km and the duration of trek 4.5 hours. The gain of altitude is from 10,706 ft to 11,985 ft.

The trek difficulty is moderate. There is 1.5 hours of steep ascent and then a level walk. 

The trek is moderate in difficulty. For 1.5 hours we trek on steep ascent and then there is level walk. 

5th Day


On the 5th day we trek from Satsar to Gangabal via Zaj Pass. The distance of the trek is 9 km. On the trail, altitude loss is 11,985 ft to 11,486 ft via 13,276 ft.

It’s difficult to trek here. There is 30 minutes each of gradual ascent which is then followed by a steep ascent for about 45 minutes and then there is steep descent. There are similar ascends and descends on the trails all through. 

6th Day

On the 6th day there is a trek from Gangabal to Naranag. Then there is a drive to Srinagar. The distance of the trek is 13 kms.The trek is for a duration of 6 hours. The loss of altitude on the trek is from 11,486 ft to 7,800 ft. The drive duration is for 2 hours. The distance of the drive is 50 kms. The trek is moderate in climb. There are continuous ascents and descents for 6 km leading to very steep descent.

Things To Carry

Carry with yourself a Rucksack bag with rain cover. A Day Pack Bag is recommended for treks on the summit day. Carry with yourself a head torch with spare batteries. Carry with yourself U V protection sunglasses And 2 water bottles of 1 liter each. Don’t forget to carry non-skid, high-ankle trekking, deep treaded shoes. Also its necessary to have a pair of lightweight slipper sandals.