With the spate of attacks on Pakistan, the safety is the problem with Pakistan now. Pakistan should never have attacked India in 1971 or in the Kashmir issue. The government of Pakistan just needs to not try to do it again and there should be no bloodshed in India.
I want my government to take such a decision to stop India from killing Pakistanis in Pakistan. I want all my government officials to not interfere in the sovereignty issue of Pakistan, but to treat Pakistan as a sovereign country. This might take some time and it might not happen, but I still believe we will win it in our own way, just in our own way.
Our government should not intervene in the domestic matters of Pakistan. We have more problems to deal with than Pakistan(Muhammad Hameed Zia, Researcher, Islamabad)

Is Pakistan safe?

Pakistan is the safest place in the world in terms of peaceful living, there is no one out there who is going to threaten us. Our constitution says that every citizen has the right to live a peaceful life in the country. We have a very good relationship with India. Our security agencies and judiciary are great. This makes us a very safe place to live in, as long as we do not challenge our sovereign authority of the country.

Pakistan has more things to offer than India, which has all the political stability. So, we are the safest place for everyone to live in. India has a bad relationship with Pakistan.

government people;

The government is not honest, corrupt and civil servants are corrupted by different people. In such a situation, people are hesitant to come to Pakistan. They are still unsure that they are safe in Pakistan. I wish our governments could behave like Pakistan. Even if they come to support us, this does not mean that they should be disrespectful and threatening us. The government of Pakistan should change its behavior and no one should make us feel insecure, no matter how much India tries.

Responding to the news of the Pakistani government arresting over 30000 Hafiz Saeed’s supporters, India’s ambassador to the US urged the US government to take immediate measures to designate the Mumbai attack mastermind and his supporters as terrorists.
In an exclusive interview with Fox News Channel’s Bret Baier, Rajnath Singh asked the US to take immediate measures to designate the Mumbai attack mastermind and his supporters as terrorists and he also lashed out at the Pakistan government.

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The Wire Pakistan is the Safe Country By Muhammad Sohail Anjum, National Security Editor, The Daily Telegraph PakistanIt is the most insecure country for journalists, where media is the worst violator and where there is no accountability for the violators. There are not enough reasons to make Pakistan a safe country for journalists.

media and Kashmir;

Pakistan is a rogue state which blames India and pokes its nose into the internal affairs of other countries like it will do in Kashmir. The media will not challenge the world on this issue. Pakistan cannot claim that it is a democracy. The media will not provide its criticism to Pakistan on this issue. The media will not criticize Pakistan on its actions against Kashmir. Pakistan is not a strong enough country to take this matter into its own hands. Pakistan is a safe country to live in. When India used to talk about the Pakistani media’s failure in Kashmir in the last 70 years, then the media would condemn India and then India would feel proud. Pakistan is the safe country. The media in India will never support terrorism. Pakistan is the terrorism safe country.
Media should put up a list of the journalists who have died in Pakistan. Do a research and see who are the terrorists who have come from Pakistan. The media needs to provide its critique on terrorism. Terrorists from Pakistan are terrorists. Pakistan supports terrorists who get motivated to attack India. There is no criticism of Pakistan in the media. Pakistan has fooled India in the last 70 years. Pakistan is a security state. Pakistani journalists are directly exposed to terrorists and Pakistan’s intelligence agencies.

There is no accountability in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the media is safe. The media is safe in Pakistan because Pakistan is a safe country to stay in.

Pakistan is a corrupt country. The media does not report this aspect. The media gives a good image of Pakistan. Pakistan is not at war with the US. India is at war with Pakistan. India is a nuclear power and if the US attacks Pakistan, India will retaliate with nuclear power. The media gives a good image of Pakistan because the media is part of the corrupt system. Pakistan has made the media a good image of Pakistan. Terrorists are not involved in the media. Terrorists have infiltrated the media. Media in Pakistan supports terrorism. Journalists in Pakistan support terrorism. It is the fact.
The media has put the image of terrorists in the mind of the people. The media supports terrorism. The media supports terrorists. Journalists are on the wrong side of history. They are the enemies of peace. The media supports terrorism. The media supports terrorists because the media does not want to do a good job. Journalists do not want to make Pakistan a safe country. The journalists do not want to give an honest and good view about Pakistan. The journalists are on the wrong side of history. The journalists will never help Pakistan to become a safe country.