Is Macey’s just in Utah?

No. As of January 2013, Macey’s has more than 210 stores in seven states, including Utah, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri. It had planned on opening a store in Willard, Utah last spring, but it was delayed due to flooding.
Unhappy shoppers argue that the chain and the website make it harder to order their favorite Macey’s items, such as chicken salad, as well as the elusive Macey’s waffle salad, known for it’s gorgeous presentation and such distinctive flavors as lemon curd and strawberry.

Is Macey’s really closing?

Yes. On August 7, 2012, Macey’s CEO Frank Caruso said on the Macey’s corporate website that the chain was “shifting its focus towards its core business … namely its corporate owned and operated store base in the Southwest.” The change in plans prompted the closure of 63 underperforming stores.

So what will be left of Macey’s?

According to the New York Times, Macey’s had planned to rebrand itself to “Macey’s Neighborhood Market” and expand to the mid-Atlantic and Southwest. The new stores will retain most of the look of the old Macey’s stores, but the logo will be different.
As for the executive who made the decision to close, Amy C. Richton, Macey’s is pulling all of the staffers who worked with the old Macey’s out, though, she added, “We want to thank those employees who have decided to stay on. We know they’re a loyal group of people who have given their all to make Maceys great over the years.”

Are Macey’s stores still open?

Macey’s will be celebrating the last day of operation with a celebration in Provo on September 28, 2012. The first 100 customers who make a purchase will receive a complimentary gift, but most employees will remain with Maceys for a short period of time.

Will the old Macey’s location in Provo be torn down?

Yes. The former Macey’s location will be demolished, but it will remain a commercial building. At some point, however, the building will be torn down and a new structure will be built in its place. Maceys representatives say that construction will start in late February or early March and be completed by the fall of 2013.

What do customers say about Macey’s closing?

The Utah Independent’s Gary Jensen said he hates to see Maceys close, but understands why the company had to do it. Maceys closed its headquarters in Salt Lake City after the company was sold, and many employees are now in other companies, including Whole Foods.
Jensen said it’s not like Maceys had a shortage of business. “Maceys has been selling food forever. They’re just in the wrong market. Maceys was a commercial area with residential nearby. Maceys was an up-and-coming commercial area that had so much opportunity.”

Are Macey’s closing for the first time ever?


No, Maceys was acquired by Albertsons in 1999. After the Albertsons purchase, Maceys made similar store closings in 2010 and 2011, and the chain’s current location in Salt Lake City is actually Albertsons’ first store to close.

“The first time I remember seeing it was when I was in middle school and the big sign came down,” said Deseret News reader Clayton Whitfield. “I’m from Utah and just didn’t realize it was no longer there until someone told me this week. I thought it was just one of the many businesses that had left the area, but now it’s closing. Maceys definitely had a good run and was my favorite grocery store growing up.”
According to Deseret News reader Gary Jensen, “The chain is really losing a lot of its luster. I loved Macey’s back when it had its own special way of doing things and when the employees were smiling and happy. Unfortunately, Maceys couldn’t continue to attract customers. In the last few years, the stores have not only changed their prices, but their branding and presentation has changed too. All of this is true, but to me the most important thing is the loss of the employees and the absence of the good food.”

What will happen to the Macey’s brand?


The company made the decision to keep the name for its wine, seafood, and other commercial foods. The Macey’s brand will be pulled back from the grocery store brands, and Atlantic and Southwest will become separate brands, a spokeswoman for the company said.

What happens to the employees of Macey’s?

Most of Maceys current workforce will be moved to the Albertsons brand, though some of the meat and dairy departments will still be sold separately.
Still, some current Maceys employees have been given the option of moving to the new store brand. Some have already received contracts from Albertsons, and others have been given temporary contracts. The Albertsons chain will be able to pay the employees more, and employees will not be forced to take jobs in other stores, the spokeswoman said.
Maceys will hold a job fair for the full-time and part-time employees. Workers will be able to look at the open positions, hear about the new positions, and also speak with managers about positions in the Albertsons brand.
“Albertsons employees will be given more responsibilities and their jobs will be more visible,” said Jensen.