Trucks can be used to transport a large amount of goods. Its structure is simple and powerful. Today, we will draw a truck model and learn how to draw large industrial machinery products.


  • illustrator


  1. First use the rectangle tool to draw the long rear compartment, and use rectangle strokes to present the details on the compartment. We draw all the thick lines above the car.
  2. In this step, we start to draw the cab of the truck. We use a pen to draw the outline of the cab one by one, as well as the connecting parts connecting the cabin and the cab.
  3. Then, we started to draw the frame part of the whole truck, and traced the undulations of the edges of the real structural parts one by one with a pen.
  4. Finally, we draw the wheels of the truck, and the path of the connection between the wheels and the body.
  5. Continue to fill the main body of the truck’s rear compartment with dark blue, and use gray-black to stroke the lines on the compartment.
  6. Fill the wheels with black, and the truck’s body structure with gray-black.
  7. Fill the cab of the truck with blue, fill the window edges with black, and fill the glass with gray and black to complete the truck model design. Babyuniquecorn Discount Code NHS

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How to draw simple strokes of trucks

  • First draw the outline of the truck, leaving the position of the wheels.
  • Draw the front wheels of the truck where you left off.
  • Draw the rear wheels of the truck where you left off.
  • Put a dot on each of the centers of the truck’s two wheels.
  • Draw the side windshields on the truck bed.
  • Draw the windshield and steering wheel on the truck bed. The stick figure of the truck is complete


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How to get on the truck and hijack the truck

  1. How does Tiantian Speed get on the truck and hijack the truck? Everyday Speed is a content-rich 3D racing game, and now it has landed on Android and the App Store.
  2. In Tiantian Speed, players can get on a truck and hijack a truck. Let’s take a look at the skills of every day on a truck and hijack a truck!
  3. Sometimes there will be a truck in the player’s game. Players only need to drive behind the truck, and when they are close to the truck, click to jump on the truck to hijack the truck and control the truck to drive. (As shown below)
  4. Hijacking a truck can make the player invincible for a period of time, the speed will also increase, and it will not cost gasoline, and there will be points for hitting the cars on the road through the truck!
  5. Therefore, hijacking trucks is also an important means to improve scores. (As shown below) Maxitoys Discount Code NHS.

Loading Truck 4 Level 27 Clearance Strategy

Loading Truck 4 is the sequel to Loading Truck 3, and the protagonist is still the robot. Players need to drive it to deliver goods through obstacles and then transport the goods to the designated location.

The following is the strategy of the twenty-seventh level. Friends who like it can follow me and keep updating.


  1. Open the game, the game interface is as shown in the figure.
  2. To control the trolley, first trigger the yellow switch on the left to push the cargo box into the transport vehicle.
  3. Trigger twice in a row to get two cargo boxes.
  4. Then trigger the yellow switch on the right, and the remaining box is pushed onto the conveyor belt and sent to the right.
  5. Repeat three times until the cargo box triggers the green switch on the right, triggering a chain reaction, the baffle falls, the trolley goes down and triggers the switch on the left, and the elevator carries the truck down.
  6. Get the cargo from the delivery truck and place it at the designated location.
  7. After the truck leaves, you can proceed to the next level.

Simple strokes of truck

We often see trucks, so now let’s teach you how to draw trucks

  • sketchbook pencil draw truck model
  • eraser
  1. Start by drawing the two front wheels. represented by a circle
  2. The second step is to complete the other two rear wheels
  3. Draw the front of the truck, which is a square and angular figure
  4. The fourth step is to draw the front window of the car
  5. The fifth step is to draw the car cabinet, the car cabinet occupies three wheels
  6. Just paint the cabinets

Running to a well-off truck

Running towards a well-off truck with simple strokes, draw a truck with a few simple strokes. The charm of stick figures teaches you to draw

  • the paper draw truck model
  • watercolor pen
  • The first step is to draw the front and rear wheels of the truck.
  • The second step is to draw the front and body of the truck.
  • The third step is to draw the dump of the truck.
  • The fourth step is to paint the color of the truck with a watercolor pen, and a truck stick figure is completed 4mybaby Discount Code NHS

How to draw a truck

Drawing the front of the truck. Draw the overall outline of the truck. the details of the truck. The cab on the truck.

Draw the part behind the truck.  The wheels on the bottom of the truck. Draw the truck’s eyes on the glass.

Next, draw the truck’s mouth. Draw a few arcs in the back for the cargo of the truck. The truck stick figure painting is completed.