Lately we have been talking about multifunction printers like the Epson Ecotank or the HP Deskjet , both capable of printing and copying as well as scanning. Because, in a world as digitized as the contemporary world, it is very important to have tools and mechanisms that help us convert physical documents into digital documents. The good news? That our smartphones are increasingly sophisticated and can act as a scanner. But how exactly? If you don’t know how to connect wireless printer to laptop then read this post.

Advantages of scanning with mobile

The first advantage of mobile scanning is obvious: you don’t need extra scanning devices to meet your needs, which saves effort, space and money. And it is that at present we can download completely free applications to scan, which means that scanning simply costs what the mobile phone and the internet rate cost, two things that you pay not to be able to scan precisely, but for the infinite utilities they have.

In addition, scanning documents with the iPhone or any other smartphone also means greater convenience when it comes to sharing the scanned files. After all, from the same mobile you can send them by Whatsapp or attach them to a Gmail email. Other advantages of this scanning system is that you can edit the documents at the moment through those same applications, that the documents will always be with you on your Mobile King Indianapolis and that you have many alternatives.


How to scan a document with your phone

To scan with the smartphone we need to enter the application store, which varies depending on the operating system, and download some of the applications for scanning with the mobile that exist. And which of them exactly? It depends on you. Probably the most popular of all of them, due to the name of both the designer brand and the application itself, is Google Drive, specifically Google Drive Scanner. And it is that thanks to this application it allows scanning with a lot of pressure and fidelity.

Applications to scan from the mobile for free

Another of the most popular and downloaded Android scanning applications is CamScanner. Undoubtedly one of the most productive, since it offers the user a huge number of options. One of its biggest advantages is the automatic readjustment of perspective and focus. Almost all you have to do is photograph the document with a minimum precision and CamScanner frames it in a very precise intuitive way. It’s worth trying. It will surely convince you.

How to scan documents with an Android phone

In addition to Google Drive Scanner and CamScanner, we have another very interesting alternative for mobile scanning : it is Microsoft Office Lens. Again and in the same way that it happened with CamScanner, the system itself readjusts the capture to offer a cleaner scan. The good thing is that it is available for both Android and iOS. On the contrary, it is an application that does not offer as many building alternatives for documents as the previous ones. Try it and decide for yourself.

How to scan documents with an iPhone

The aforementioned document scanner apps are available for iOS, so we don’t need to search for specific alternatives. In any case, and in case you want to try other tools, there is also Evernote Scannable or Genius Can. In any case, the great advantage of the iPhone is that it gives you the chance to take pictures with optimal resolution and quality, which obviously makes work easier for applications. Now you know how to scan with your mobile 


Why buy an HP DeskJet printer

But obviously all that with just curiosities. It’s been over thirty years and there is an incredible variety of printers out there. Why buy any of the deskjet printer models ? The latest edition of the brand, the HP Deskjet 1514 AiO series, is a multifunction printer, which means that it allows you to print, scan and copy at the same time. Plus, it’s in a very affordable price range for the consumer who needs a home printer.

Advantages of HP DeskJet Printers

Another of the great advantages of the recent HP Deskjet printers is that they are very easy to install and do not require the intervention of professionals. In addition, these devices have about four buttons, which makes their use very intuitive and lossless. Finally, it is important to consider that, although it does not offer the ink storage advantages of the Epson Ecotank, it is only necessary to change two cartridges to replace the ink. Are there more comfortable systems? Yeah, but this one’s not bad.

Features of HP DeskJet printers

The characteristics of HP Deskjet printers , aimed at home use, have made them one of the most demanded alternatives on the market. A quick search on Amazon allows us to see the average user rating of some of the proposals in this series. A very famous one is the HP Deskjet 2720e multifunction version, which incorporates an instant ink system . Its average sales rating is 4.1 stars out of 5, a fairly high rating, with 57% five-star votes.

However, a simple review of the reviews shows multiple negative comments. In this sense, we must bear in mind that dissatisfied consumers express themselves more frequently and powerfully than satisfied consumers. It is a natural law. In any case, our recommendation is to buy paying attention to personal needs in great detail. Many of the disappointments with deskjet printer models and many others come from not calibrating those expectations.

HP DeskJet printer models

What do we mean exactly? Well, a printer can be perfectly valuable, but not for us for certain reasons. Thus, the in-depth knowledge of HP Deskjet printers and the rest of the proposals of the manufacturer brands will allow us to make a choice that is more in line with our own desires and expectations. There are reasons why you should buy an HP Deskjet printer . And reasons not to. Find out well. Question. Adjust your needs. And only then buy.