Many people are concerned about the safety of this mode of transportation. The kids Segways Company advises new users that “whenever you ride the official segways for Kids, you risk injury from loss of control, crashes and falls” and that it is your responsibility to reduce these risks.

If used correctly, the Segways offer a clean, safe, and fun means of transport, and to avoid risks, just use common sense and be aware of any dangers. Here are some tips on how to ride official segways for Kids safely.

Learn to use the Segways before attempting to ride them yourself.

Read the user manual carefully. It is highly recommended to receive instruction from a qualified and experienced person in the use of the vehicle.

Practice with people who know kids in Segways UK before going it alone. At the very least, get someone to help you the first time you go up and practice.

Wear appropriate clothing

At a minimum, wear a safety helmet. You may also consider the following protective equipment:

  • Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads.
  • Safety goggles.
  • If you will be using the kids Segways at night (assuming it’s legal in your state), wear a high-visibility vest so you can be easily spotted. If you ride at night, always add headlights so you can see and be seen.

Maintain a firm grip on the kids Segways UK at all times.

Always keep both feet on the footplate and hands on the handlebars. Don’t try to operate the bike with one hand while holding something with the other. Use a backpack or basket if you need to carry items.

Avoid sudden maneuvers.

While the segways for Kids UK can sense your movements and try to balance you, this mechanism may not be able to correct your position if you move too abruptly forward or backward.

  • Don’t turn too fast on a kids Segways UK. Fast cornering can throw you out of control; Always lean in the direction of the turn and take it slowly.
  • Don’t stop and don’t leave too quickly.
  • Do not go backward. This feature is only for maneuvering in tight spaces or turning around, not for traveling.

Avoid pedestrians.

You will move faster than pedestrians and some of them won’t hear you coming. Always be careful to avoid them, and be prepared to say something if you can’t avoid a collision before you can stop.

Generally, you should stay on the right side of the pavement in right-hand drive countries and vice versa, unless pedestrian traffic laws are different. Follow all local sidewalk laws.

Watch out for obstacles.

In the presence of obstacles, you run the risk of being thrown from the vehicle or creating accidents. You’ll be the one to see them, and this can be difficult if you’re distracted by the scenery or having a conversation. The objects that most commonly cause problems are park benches, light poles, signs, and trees.

  • Avoid potholes, curbs, and steps when using the Segways. It’s easy to bump into these obstacles.
  • Do not ride the segways for Kids UK down a steep slope. If you did, you would lose your balance and probably be thrown.
  • Do not ride the kids Segways UK on slippery surfaces, such as ice, snow, wet grass, greasy surfaces, or wet floors.
  • Do not drive on unstable objects such as branches, stones, gravel, broken glass, etc. The Segways could lose traction and cause you to fall.