ACFJE is a judiciary coaching institute in Delhi, which offers classes for civil and criminal judiciary entrance examinations. The institute boasts a top-notch faculty and facilities to help aspirants prepare for exams with perfection. All this makes it the best institute to study at if you’re planning to crack the civil services exam or the bar examination.


Judiciary coaching institutes offer a variety of services to students aspiring to study law and judiciary. These services include recorded lectures, online test series, study material, and coaching sessions. Coaching centers provide guidance and assistance for various entrance exams such as CLAT and AILET.

They also provide best learning practices and end-to-end support to students during exam preparation. Besides, coaching institutes help aspirants clear their doubts and understand the exam process better. The best judiciary coaching institute will help you achieve your goal of appearing for judiciary exams with confidence and success.

What to Look for in a Judiciary Coaching Institute?

A judiciary coaching institute in India offers a unique combination of legal coaching and judicial examination preparation. Besides, there are a number of online test series and online study material to help aspirants study for judicial examination online. It is important for aspirants to look for institutes that offer a variety of tactics such as written tests, practical tests, and interviews to assess the student’s knowledge and wisdom. It is vital to ensure that a coaching institute offers ample opportunities to law aspirants to practice skills and develop the necessary skills required for judicial examination. Ideally, aspirants should find the best established and renowned judiciary coaching institutes in India that provide high quality coaching and judicial examination preparation services.


Judiciary coaching institutes provide a range of services and dimensions that can help individuals study for and prepare for judicial exams. They provide access to a range of exam resources, including online test series and study materials, as well as offline coaching and study sessions. In addition, judiciary coaching institutes often offer specialized course modules created by legal specialists which combine hard work and smart study with regular doubt sessions. They aim to create an environment that is conducive to students’ success and learning, and they strive for better results through personalized coaching and study materials.


Judicial coaching institutes offer a variety of services that can help individuals study for and prepare for judicial exams. They provide access to a range of exam resources, including online test series and study materials, as well as offline coaching and study sessions.

Teaching Methods

Judiciary coaching institutes offer a variety of teaching methods and study material to help judicial aspirants prepare for the judicial entrance exams. Many coaching institutes provide online test series and study materials, while others may offer classes with projectors installed on walls. Some also offer classes with teachers present in person, while others may use video lectures or online coaching platforms. In addition to classroom training, judicial coaching institute often offer a crash course for aspirants who are looking for a shorter training program. All judicial coaching institute offers a variety of options to best meet the needs of their students.


Judiciary coaching institute in india provides a platform for judiciary aspirants to learn and improve their skills. The best judicial coaching institute in india provides a range of services, from online classes to in-person coaching sessions. It’s vital for aspirants to choose a high-quality and trusted coaching institute that can provide the necessary training and support needed to become successful judicial candidates.


A good coaching institute will offer a variety of services, from online classes to in-person coaching sessions. It is essential for aspiring judicial candidates to choose a high-quality and trusted coaching institute that can provide the necessary training and support needed to become successful judicial candidates. With a well-trained faculty and access to top legal resources, judiciary coaching institute india provides aspirants with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed as judges and attorneys.


A judiciary coaching institute can hire experienced and knowledgeable staff to provide the best guidance to law aspirants. A judiciary coaching institute can find some of the best and most established faculty in India to help law aspirants through the PCS(J) exam.

It is essential to hire staff from top law schools, such as the National Law University and Campus Law College, University, who have a proven track record of success in this exam.

Additionally, judicial coaching centers can employ staff from prominent judicial coaching centers in Delhi, enabling judicial aspirants to receive personalized coaching and training from a range of experienced faculty. Ultimately, a judiciary coaching institute must ensure that it hires staff with a variety of expertise and experience to best prepare aspirants for success on the PCS(J) exam.

Benefits of Taking Coaching from a Specialized Institute

If you’re planning to take coaching classes for judiciary exams in Delhi, it’s a great idea to consider a government coaching institute. A judiciary coaching institute offers top-notch training and exam preparation services for judiciary exams.

Plus, students can access material online easily and at affordable rates. There are many benefits of taking coaching from a specialized institute, including professional classroom training with projectors and the latest technologies, and easy-to-understand study materials.

Plus, students get top-notch coaching for the exam and excellent exam performance of its students. Finally, they can avail affordable fee structure. So why not go for a judiciary coaching institute?

Judicial coaching can improve judicial skills

Judicial coaching can help improve judicial skills and provide a quality legal education. At a judiciary coaching institute, aspiring lawyers can receive high-quality teaching from experienced judges and legal experts. They can also participate in interactive class sessions to learn about the law and develop their own arguments. The classes cover a wide range of topics, from civil and criminal law to procedure and evidence. In addition to classroom training, judicial coaching institutes often offer students opportunities for independent study and preparation for exams. Those who attend judicial coaching classes often see improved exam performance results.

Coaching can help build confidence and resilience

Coaching can be a valuable and helpful service for students looking to improve their study skills and progress in their academic careers. It can help build confidence and resilience as you work toward your goals and ambitions.

– Quality teaching from experienced faculty, comprehensive study material, and interactive classroom sessions will all help you learn and improve quickly. You can also use mock tests and practice materials to test your knowledge and skills.

With a coaching service, you not only get personalized study guides and tips but also access to professional development services and support. This real-time feedback will allow you to continuously improve your study skills and performance. Plus, with a coaching service, you can reach your goal of graduating successfully with a competitive GPA.

The right coaching institute will have a tailored approach to your needs

To ensure a successful coaching experience, it is important to choose a coaching institute with a tailored approach. At a specialized coaching institute, experienced faculty will provide tailored guidance and help students achieve their goals. The coaching classes are designed with individualized attention to ensure a tailor-made approach for each student. The classes may include lectures, discussions, case studies, and role-plays. Additionally, access to resources such as study material, online tutorials, and online coaching services can help students learn and improve their skills and knowledge. Besides, the dedicated and experienced staff at an elite coaching institute can help students reach their goals and develop their skills and expertise.

There are a variety of coaching institutes available in Delhi

If you are looking for a coaching institute in Delhi with a proven track record and a proven ability to provide high-quality coaching services, then it’s best to seek out a coaching institute that offers quality services in accordance with the exam syllabus and syllabus pattern. One of the best ways to ensure high-quality coaching services is by hiring experienced and knowledgeable faculty who are well-versed in the exam syllabus and pattern. This gives them the expertise needed to help students prepare for the exam. Additionally, a good coaching institute always has all the necessary resources for preparing for exams, such as online mock test and study material. By all these factors, a good coaching Institute in Delhi provides students with all the tools they need to achieve their individual academic goals.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Judiciary Coaching Institute

You can look for a judiciary coaching institute that offers top-notices services and a stellar record of results to help you crack the judiciary exam. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a judiciary coaching institute:

– Student success ratio – This is the percentage of students who passed the exam after completing the institute’s course. Look for institutes with high student-success ratios, as these indicate higher overall satisfaction levels among graduates.

– Online test series – This is a series of mock online tests that prepare you for the judiciary exam. It will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and develop a clear game plan for tackling exam questions.

– Doubt clearing sessions – These sessions involve having a judicial officer or a panel of judicial officers review your doubts and answer them clearly and comprehensively on the judicial examination paper. They aim to ensure clarity and fairness on exam papers.

– Bullet notes – These are notes based on judicial material and study material prepared by the coaching institute itself. They serve as an invaluable study resource, helping you ace exam questions in just a few weeks.

Make sure the coaching institute covers the judiciary exam you are aspiring for. Also, ensure it is open to law graduates and postgraduates from Delhi.

Research the Institutes

There are several institutes in India providing judiciary coaching services. These can range from established and acclaimed coaching centers to online resources. If you are interested in taking up a judiciary exam, like PCS(J), it’s always a good idea to research the coaching institutes that provide the best services and quality training. Look for contact details, fees, and other information on the institutes’ websites or social media accounts. This way, you can be sure that you are making the best choice for your judicial career.

Check the Institute’s Track Record

It is imperative to do thorough research and evaluate a judiciary coaching institute before choosing to enroll with them. When choosing a judiciary coaching institute, it is critical to look for one with a proven track record in the judiciary coaching arena. You want to ensure that your judiciary coaching institute has a proven track record of preparing aspirants for judiciary exams and delivering high-quality results. Research the success rate of the judicial coaching institute and their past results to judge their efficacy in this area. Additionally, verify the credentials and reviews from past students to determine the quality of their judicial coaching service.

Check the Faculty

A judicial coaching institute is a place where people can study law and become lawyers. In order to successfully pass judiciary exams, such as the Central Law Services (J) exam and the Supreme Court (J) exam, it is crucial to study law from an institution that offers high-quality education. The best judicial coaching institutes have experienced faculty who can help students understand the material and study for exams. They provide a conducive learning environment and excellent services to their students.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a judicial coaching institute is the city’s judiciary and legal community. Judges and lawyers often attend workshops and conferences at judicial coaching institutes, which provides a unique learning opportunity for students. Moreover, judicial coaching institutes in Delhi are known for providing high-quality education and service to their students. They offer support services like mock exams and mock trials, which help students prepare for judiciary exams.

Course Content and Structure

Judiciary Services Coaching in India offers a variety of courses related to law, such as PCS(J) Coaching. These courses help students with their legal studies and preparation for judiciary exams. Such coaching centers provide study material that meet the standards and exam trends of a particular court examination. They also have regular doubt sessions to ensure that all topics are clear to the students. The fees for judiciary services coaching depend on the duration of the course and the subjects offered. From judicial services coaching centers, it is important to get a good education on all their services before enrolling.

Exam Preparation Strategies

Students looking to study for judiciary exams can prepare through online coaching classes and test series. Many coaching institutes offer digital marketing courses, creative edge, legal edge GMB, legal edge monthly events, mentor tips, and CLAT prep tips to help study for judiciary exams. Toprankers offers best learning practices and end-to-end support to every student preparing for judiciary exams.


Exam preparation strategies include online coaching classes and test series. This allows students to study for judiciary exams without having to travel to a coaching institute. Toprankers and other coaching institutes offer a wide range of services to prepare students for judiciary exams, including test series and online coaching classes. They provide best learning practices and end-to-end support to ensure success in the exam.

Fee Structure

Judicial Services Coaching (JSC) is a course offered by judiciary coaching institutes that aims to improve the quality of judicial services in various ways, including through training and development programs. The coaching can assist law aspirant with a range of skills, including research and writing. However, the fees charged by judiciary coaching institutes vary based on a variety of factors, such as the duration of the course and the subjects covered.


One way to ensure you get a good coaching service at a reasonable cost is to look for an established and admired institute in the country. KBE, for example, offers judiciary coaching in Delhi at a very affordable fee structure. Besides, better learning results in better results for law aspirants,s and judiciary coaching institutes must offer high student-success ratios to ensure high-quality education.

Flexible Timings

ACFJE offers flexible timings for judiciary exam preparation. The online judiciary coaching service allows students to study from anywhere in the world and study on their own schedule. With small class sizes and individual attention, our coaching services help provide a personalized learning experience.


The Maansarovar Law Center provides small-group instruction with personalised attention for each student. Batch timings for weekdays and weekends are offered to best suit your study schedule. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced jurist, PLA has a judiciary coaching service that will help you prepare for the judiciary exam and achieve your goals.

Online Classes and Test Series

Many coaching institutes offer online classes and test series for judiciary exams such as Topranks, KBE, and our coaching classes. In online classes and test series, students study from home with full support from the coaching institute. Online coaching and study materials include recorded lectures, doubt-clearing sessions, online test series, study material, and bullet notes. These resources provide a convenient way to study for judiciary entrance exams and prepare for the test. At Topranks, we offer a wide range of online classes to help students prepare for the best possible results.

Our online classes and test series include current affairs, scholarship tests, judiciary gold, creative edge, legal edge monthly events, and more. With online coaching and study materials from our coaching institute at your fingertips and the support of a professional exam preparation service, you can quickly improve your performance in court exams.

Review and Recommendations

As aspiring individuals looking for a judicial position, it is essential to do your research and consider the various factors before making a decision.

The best way to accomplish this is through thorough and unbiased research, where you review and study different coaching institutes and their services. This will help you decide which one best suits your needs and interests.

Additionally, it is critical to consider the batch timings offered by the online coaching institutes. This can help you manage your study schedule and stay on track with your goals. Overall, it’s important to ensure that you carefully weigh all the factors before making a decision.

Student Satisfaction

Judicial coaching can help aspirants study and prepare for judicial exams. It involves a series of online and offline training modules that help aspirants understand the exam pattern and study material, develop test-taking skills, and improve their performance.

To ensure the best results, it is important to choose a coaching institute that offers thorough training programs and high-quality study material. The best judiciary coaching institute should also be accredited by the All India Judicial Academy (AJA).

Besides, aspirants can request detailed analysis reports from their coaching institute to assess their preparation level. In addition to classroom training, judicial coaching often involves assignments and projects which require a great deal of analytical and analytical thinking ability.

List of Best Judiciary Coaching Institutes in Delhi

In recent times, judiciary coaching institutes have emerged as a sought-after coaching institute for aspirants of law. In this regard, Kautilya IAS is one of the best judiciary coaching institutes in Delhi. It is a well-known institute and has been providing judicial coaching services for a long time now. Moreover, it has a sound team of experienced faculty and offers a wide range of courses and coaching options for aspirants.

Other top judiciary coaching institutes in the city include Kharbanda Bureau of Education and May 28, 2020 saw the emergence of five premier judicial coaching institutes offering ample opportunities to law aspirants. These institutes provide online judicial coaching and equip students with a broad knowledge base for civil judge exams. They also offer mock tests and study material to help aspirants prepare well for exam day.

ACFJE (Archana Classes)

ACFJE (Archana Classes) is a judicial exam and coaching institute in Delhi with a strong reputation for preparing students for judiciary exams. The institute offers a wide range of preparation courses, including judicial preparation classes, mock tests and interview coaching, as well as study materials such as judicial exam study materials and study guides.

The faculty at ACFJE (Archana Classes) uses a modern teaching approach to ensure that students learn quickly and effectively. They use a variety of methods to engage with students and tailor their training to best meet the needs of individual learners.

In addition to judicial test preparation classes and mock test coaching, the academy also offers study support services to help students prepare for their exams.

Another top judiciary coaching center in Delhi is Kautilya IAS. This institute has received positive feedback from students for its high-quality training and services. It offers classes and coaching programs that are designed to provide thorough preparation for the judicial test.

Rahul IAS is another top judiciary coaching center in Delhi that provides quality training and services to aspiring judges.

Maansarovar Law Centre

Mansarovar Law Centre is a well-known institute for judicial coaching in Delhi. It was established by Anil Kumar Gupta and offers a range of courses, including the PCSJ, Civil Judge, and crash course for the judiciary. The center provides students with comprehensive course material and mock tests to help them prepare for exams. It also offers online classes and a library equipped with all the required study materials.

The center offers a variety of services to ensure that judicial students succeed in their studies and careers. It has a dedicated faculty that can provide individualized attention and support to each student as they progress through the program. The center has a variety of services to help judicial students succeed in their studies and careers, including online classes and a library equipped with study materials. Overall, Mansarovar Law Centre is a well-established institute for judicial coaching in Delhi that provides high-quality education and support for aspiring judges and lawyers.

Juris Academy

Juris Academy is a top judiciary coaching center in Delhi, providing high-quality training and preparation for judicial exams, such as the CLAT and LLB exams. The academy offers a variety of programs to help its students prepare for judiciary exams, including free trial lessons and online coaching programs.

Pahuja Law Academy is a leading training center for judicial exams, established by Kapil Pahuja in 2016. The academy offers preparatory programs for the judiciary exam, including free trials and study groups. In addition to these services, Pahuja Law Academy provides free trial lessons to give students a chance to test out their skills before committing to a formal program.

The academy also offers online coaching programs that enable students to learn from home and study from an experienced tutor. With its well-rounded services and top-notch faculty, Juris Academy is a must-stop destination for students seeking preparation for judiciary exams in Delhi.

Pahuja Law Academy

Pahuja Law Academy is a leading judiciary coaching institute in Delhi, established by Kapil Pahuja in 2016. It offers comprehensive preparatory programs for judicial exams, including the CLAT, LLB, and APO/APP test in both English and Hindi. Kautilya IAS is another top judiciary coaching institute in the city, with an outstanding reputation. Rahul IAS also offers top-quality education and coaching services for those interested in a career as a judge or court lawyer.


Pahuja Law Academy’s online coaching programs and exam series are ideal for students who want to study from anywhere at any time. Its trial lesson service allows individuals to explore the instructors’ teaching methods and see if they would be a good fit for the program before committing to a full course.

Dias Law Academy

Dias Law Academy is a renowned coaching institute for students preparing for judiciary exam, UPSC law, CLAT/DU, LLB, and IAS law optional regular courses in Delhi. The academy has a strong faculty with years of experience and a proven track record of success in the judiciary coaching industry. It is ranked among the best judiciary coaching centers in Delhi in 2023. Kautilya IAS is known to have the highest success ratio when it comes to judicial coaching in Delhi.

The academy offers a wide range of services including online learning, face-to-face training, coaching classes, and a dedicated support staff to help with all your judicial preparation needs. Whether you are looking for judicial coaching classes or preparation materials, Dias Law Academy has you covered. The academy also offers individualized coaching and mentoring services to fit your needs and goals.

Tips for Successful Preparation for the Exam

Before embarking on a judicial services exam preparation course, one must ensure that they obtain thorough study materials from the institute, both online and offline. This will help them study for the exam and become more knowledgeable about it.

Obtaining individual attention for questions and guidance during the mock interviews would be a great help in making a confident choice. Take advantage of the smaller class sizes to get individual attention for questions and guidance for mock interviews.

One should also take advantage of the crash courses and foundation courses offered by the institute to become well-versed with exam material. This will help them better prepare for the exam.

Finally, it is important to follow the tips given by judicial services exam boards when preparing for a judicial services exam such as exam pattern, eligibility criteria, syllabus and pay scale. This will give one a good idea of what to expect at a Judicial Services Exam and how best to prepare for it.

Choosing the right institute for your needs

It’s important to choose a coaching institute that best suits your needs and interests. When selecting a coaching institute, consider the following factors:

– what type of services does the institute offer?

– how experienced are the instructors and staff?

– how flexible is the schedule?

– how do they conduct mock interviews and test preparation?

– how credible is the institute’s reputation?

– what interview process does the institute use?

It’s vital to do thorough research before making a decision about which coaching institute to choose. By considering these factors and more, you can ensure you find a coaching institute that best suits your needs and interests.

Investigating the institute’s history and reputation

Judicial Gold by Toprankers is a top coaching institute for judicial exams. It offers online and offline classes that cover a wide range of judicial exam preparation topics, including law and judiciary, civil law, criminal law, court procedures, and legal research. Judges who are preparing for judicial exams can benefit from the study material and mock test series provided by the coaching institute. The coaching institute also provides free study materials in both eBook and hard copy formats to help aspirants prepare for the exam. The selection process for judicial services has two entry levels and three stages, with Indian judiciary examinations having two entry levels: Higher Judiciary Exam and Lower Judiciary Exam. So, aspiring judges should conduct thorough research before taking a step forward in their judicial career.

Evaluating the institute’s faculty and curriculum

The judicial exams consist of various entry levels, with High Judiciary Exams and Lower judiciary exams. These exams test the aspirant’s knowledge and skills in a specific area of law. Preparation for judicial exams can include mock tests, syllabus overviews, and understanding the selection procedure. Juris Academy provides online test series for successful self-preparation for judiciary exams.

The Delhi High Court conducts an annual examination to select candidates for civil judge posts with a three-phase selection procedure. Judicial services have alluring benefits and privileges such as a handsome salary and travel expenses. Thus, it is important to study hard and prepare adequately for judicial exams.

Determining the institute’s fee structure

Law graduates must possess an LLB from an accredited institute to be eligible for the Judicial Services Examination. The Public Service Commission (PSC) conducts the Judicial Services Examination on behalf of each state’s high court. There are no requirements for prior work experience or study in law or judicial services, and students in their last year are eligible to take the exam for the Lower Judiciary Services.

Many law schools offer preparation courses and services in preparation for the exam. These courses can vary from school to school but may include mock exams, mock trial competitions, and study groups. Some law schools provide fee waivers or grants to help defray costs for those who cannot afford these fees. However, some law schools may charge a fee for preparing students for this examination. Institutes also provide additional services such as child education allowance, travel charges, and house rent allowance (HRA).

Making an appointment to visit the institute

Are you ready for the PCS(J) exam? If so, you must be making an appointment with a reputable judiciary coaching institute to study and prepare for it. You should attend lectures, online test series, and doubt clearing sessions to ensure success. Plus, you can get an opportunity to practice with successful barristers to crack judiciary exams like the PCS(J). So, make sure you explore all the best PCS(J) coaching institute in India.

Why Choose ACFJE (Archana Classes)?

If you are a judiciary aspirant, why not consider ACFJE as one of your coaching institutes? We are a well-renowned judiciary coaching institute in Delhi. Our institute has a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are dedicated to providing judiciary aspirants with valuable training and education. They have vast experience and knowledge of the legal field and are capable of providing judicial aspirants with the best coaching and guidance.

Our wide range of judicial coaching courses includes civil law, criminal law, constitutional law, civil law for judiciary and judicial clerkship, criminal law for judiciary, judicial law exam syllabus, judicial exam preparation course and judicial exam coaching. These courses provide judiciary aspirants with a thorough grounding in various judicial subjects and equip them with the necessary skills to appear for the judicial exams with confidence.

You can also opt for online judicial coaching at our institute if you prefer a flexible course timings and a more convenient manner of learning. So why not visit us and find out how we can help you reach your judiciary goals?

ACFJE’s experience and expertise

ACFJE is a top-notch judiciary coaching institute in Delhi. It offers a wide range of judiciary coaching classes and services, including online judiciary coaching classes.

The academy has a strong foundation and experienced faculty who are well-versed in judiciary coaching. This allows them to provide students with a complete education covering all aspects of the judicial coaching process. The academy’s classes and services are designed to help students develop and improve their judicial interviewing skills. Whether you’re an individual looking to get ahead in your career or a company seeking top-quality judicial candidates, ACFJE has the training you need to succeed.

ACFJE’s judiciary coaching classes and services are designed to help people develop and improve their judicial interviewing skills. Whether an individual looking to get ahead in their career or a company seeking top-quality judicial candidates, ACFJE has the training you need to succeed.

The quality of the faculty

ACFJE (Archana Classes) is one of the top coaching institutes for judiciary officials in Delhi. It offers a wide range of quality judicial coaching services to judges and judicial personnel, including workshops and conferences. The institute’s experienced and qualified faculty are highly trained and knowledgeable in the law and related fields.

They offer coaching tailored to the needs of judiciary professionals and provide them with a strong foundation for their careers. The institute offers various training and development programs that help judiciary personnel develop their skills and rise up the career ladder.

The classes at ACFJE are interactive and provide students with the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals. The courses provide a thorough judicial education that helps prepare judges for both their professional and personal lives. In addition to its judicial coaching services, ACFJE also organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, and Continuing Legal Education events that provide judges with the tools they need to excel in their roles.

The facilities and infrastructure of the institute

ACFJE is an accredited judiciary coaching institute with a good reputation. It offers a range of courses that cover a variety of topics related to the judiciary. The faculty at ACFJE is experienced and qualified, and the training they provide is accommodation- and time-efficient. This allows students to easily fit judicial coaching into their schedules. Besides, ACFJE provides an excellent platform for students to achieve their career goals. It offers a variety of training programs that can help them develop their skills and move ahead in their career path.

In addition to its excellent training programs, ACFJE also has a strong research and development team that constantly updates its curriculum and best practices. This ensures that students are always up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of judicial coaching. Overall, ACFJE offers a top-notch judicial coaching institute that can help law graduates and other professionals improve their professional skills and achieve their career goals.

The syllabus and course structure of ACFJE

ACFJE offers a range of courses that focus on different areas of the judiciary, such as civil law and criminal law. Our courses are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to become successful in the judiciary.

We believe that a juris doctorate education should equip students with the technical and professional skills needed to effectively practice law and represent the best interests of their clients. Our syllabus and course structure are carefully designed to meet the needs of judicial candidates, who have diverse backgrounds and experiences. Whether you are a seasoned judicial professional or someone just starting your judicial career, we have a course that will help you succeed.

Our institute provides support and guidance throughout your judicial career, from the time you enroll until you achieve success. Whether it’s developing your legal skills or networking with other judicial professionals, ACFJE has a course that will help you reach your goals.

The placement record of ACFJE

ACFJE has a proven track record of placement success in the judiciary exams. In 2019, three out of four selections for Delhi Higher Judiciary exams came from ACFJE students. To help its students succeed in the judiciary exams, ACFJE offers a variety of services, including a comprehensive interview preparation and coaching course and a service that provides coaching to multiple judiciary services simultaneously.


ACFJE also offers a variety of classes and tools to support students with individualized study plans and study strategies. Its live classes and online resources allow students to learn at their own pace and interact with faculty and other students, while its crash course provides them with a thorough overview of judicial service requirements and best practices. In addition to these services, ACFJE also has a thriving alumni network that continues to support graduates after they finish their judicial service training.


Creating a secure, supportive and encouraging environment where students feel empowered and motivated is a top priority for judicial coaching institute. Research the institute you want to study with and confirm that they have a good reputation and a track record of helping students pass their exams.

Check if the institute offers online test series and classes, as this can ensure you study at your own pace. Also, consider the fees structure and availability of scholarships. You can also look up to personal recommendations.

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