How to Activate a Replacement Verizon Wireless Phone

Use the Verizon Wireless App (for Android, Windows, and iOS) to manually activate your new phone or tablets, as well as your new SIM cards for any smartphones you have. If you have an Android smartphone, for example, your phone will not operate unless you have activated the new SIM card that Verizon will send you.

To activate a new iPhone from Verizon Wireless

To activate a new iPhone from Verizon Wireless click on the “Activate a New iPhone” button. It will then show you how to activate the new iPhone; you must activate a SIM card and insert it in your new iPhone. The activation process takes about 10 minutes. Verizon will give you a $150 replacement iPhone if you fail to activate the new iPhone. This applies if you use the iPhone as a phone for 30 days; otherwise, Verizon will issue you a $25 replacement iPhone. If you do not activate the new iPhone, Verizon will send you a replacement phone with a new SIM card and $150.

How to Upgrade Your Mobile Device to the Next Version of iOS

Verizon Wireless provides both iOS and Android phones, so if you have an iOS smartphone, you can immediately upgrade your phone to iOS 9.1 using a separate device that you can buy on Verizon Wireless, or by manually updating the phone using the Apple’s App Store. If you have an Android smartphone and want to upgrade your device to Android 5.0, you will need to purchase a new smartphone that has an Android 5.0 OS . You can use your existing Android phone as a secondary device to update the Android 5.0 version to your new phone; if you install Android 5.0 on your old Android phone, you can use your existing phone as a second device to upgrade your new phone.

Verizon offers all of the phones (iOS and Android) you can buy on any other wireless carrier in the United States. You can also purchase a new iPhone or Android smartphone from Verizon Wireless.

With an iPhone, Verizon Wireless gives you the option of purchasing an unlocked phone or having Verizon activate your old phone for you for the monthly charge of $10. You can buy your new phone from Verizon Wireless and keep it for the year, upgrade to another new phone (if you want to), or return your iPhone. With an Android smartphone, Verizon will activate your new phone for you for the yearly charge of $10. You can return your old smartphone to Verizon.

Verizon Wireless Plans and Pricing;

In January 2016, Verizon offered the following plan details. If you don’t find a better plan that offers all the devices you want at all the plans you want to purchase, you can upgrade to any wireless plan that Verizon offers for the lower monthly charge. If you do not have enough money in your Verizon Wireless account, you can transfer money from a credit or debit card for additional charges.
In October 2015, Verizon expanded their smartphone pricing to include the following two plans. Their unlimited plan provides unlimited high-speed data and domestic calls in the United States and 50 minutes of international calls to the United States for the lower monthly charge of $80. In July 2015, Verizon Wireless had offered a monthly plan with unlimited data and domestic calls in the United States, but the plan provided only 20 GB of data; the $80 monthly plan allows you to use up to 50 GB of data a month.


The Verizon Plan ID (mobile number) does not automatically activate when you get a new smartphone. You must manually activate your new phone or tablets; you can do this by activating your device with the Verizon Wireless App (for Android, Windows, and iOS). The Verizon Wireless App also lets you download your new phone or tablets to your new phone or tablet.

Starting on November 15, 2015, Verizon stopped selling the iPhone 6 which is now available at Target, Walmart, and Amazon for a monthly fee of $279.99.