How do I get strong crypto?

Even if you don’t intend to use strong crypto or block chain, you should also know how to make stronger crypto.
Strong crypto does not have the obvious weakness of being vulnerable to brute-force attacks. The weakest kind of crypto you can currently do is brute-force crypto, or trying to crack weak encryption schemes to gain arbitrary passwords or keys. This is quite weak, and we will see how it weakens as more crypto becomes stronger.

Like strong crypto, there is a whole community of crypto fans and developers who are working hard to make stronger crypto.

For example, there is Zcash, that is working on its own strong crypto algorithm, and it also supports “message encryption” that is a stronger form of encryption than normal crypto.
Strong crypto is also quite costly. As long as people have weak crypto, hackers and criminals will find a way to attack their security. They are hoping to break the crypto by getting some victim’s passwords or keys through brute-force attacks, or they get the crypto through phishing, or through some other attacks.
We won’t talk about how to make stronger crypto until we see stronger crypto get stronger. That is one of the reasons why weak crypto is so dangerous for you: you won’t see improvements to your security unless there are strong crypto upgrades in the near future.

You will probably get stronger crypto without strong security, but that might not protect you from all the risks of crypto that we know today.

Strong crypto is an advantage to all of us, even if you don’t intend to use strong crypto or block chain.

How strong crypto can make your crypto safer?

You can increase your security and safety by choosing strong crypto.
For example, some cryptography experts recommend you to choose strong crypto, or “crypto for strong security” and “crypto for strong safety.”

In short, crypto that is stronger than yours can be used to strengthen your crypto to make it stronger. So you don’t need to keep upgrading your crypto to make it stronger, you just need to choose to use strong crypto for your crypto.

Of course, you will need to buy a crypto that supports stronger crypto if you need to upgrade.

Do you need a crypto to support strong crypto?

It is very simple:

strong crypto is a part of a larger idea that crypto is a trustworthy currency. As you grow your crypto, you need to decide what it should be used for.
You want your crypto to be used for whatever you want your crypto to be used for. It can be used to store values, but you can use crypto that is less trusted to store values. You can use crypto to send transactions, but you can use less trusted crypto to send transactions to people who you think are trustworthy.

But if you choose to use a crypto that is not trusted, you will need to provide stronger security to make sure your crypto is not stolen or lost. That means you will need to buy a crypto that supports stronger crypto.

You can create your own crypto by using an open source protocol like block chain or a public key encryption scheme like RSA or PBKDF2. That will let you create your own crypto. Or you can choose a crypto based on a bank block chain that provides stronger security. That means your crypto will be less secure, but you will also be rewarded for it.


One example is Bitcoin. Can you describe what Bitcoin has to do with block chain, and what you have learned about block chain over time?


I am a huge fan of Bitcoin, and one of the great things about Bitcoin is the block chain. What is block chain? Block chain is a transparent ledger that stores a transaction, or value, over time. It is not linked to any bank account, so it is not required to be “official.” Instead, you could trust the block chain or the transactions in it to make sure that transactions are not fake.
That also means you don’t need a central authority like a bank or a government to make sure transactions happen, or to guarantee that the transactions are not fake. Block chain is a more trust-based concept.


You have been working with Cointelegraph. How would you describe your work?


I spend the most of my time working with startups. I spend time with them to understand their business models and how they are building their products. Then I tell them how to do things better. I ask how to make the products stronger, and how to get stronger crypto.

I spend time looking at big companies as well. It is the best way to understand how the world works, and the best way to find out what is going to happen in the future.

I spend a lot of time talking with regulators, lawyers, and politicians about what they want from businesses.