Today, headphones have become not just an accessory, but a vital thing for many people. In headphones with your favourite music. It is more pleasant to go in for sports or return home after a working day. And this simple device will help you enjoy a useful audiobook or lecture, wherever you are. But in order to choose the right Headphones Price in Pakistan and make their use as comfortable as possible. You need to understand the Headphones Price in Pakistan is the basic and their parameters and techniques. About what headphones are and how not to make a mistake with their choice – later in the article.

Form factor

Headphones come in all shapes and sizes. In choosing a design, you can safely be guided solely by your own taste. Since the technical characteristics do not depend on the appearance of the headphones. In this case, the size clearly does not matter. The filling of modern devices of small dimensions sometimes surpasses the equipment of large headphones in quality.

As for the design, the main criterion here should be the convenience of the user. There are many ways to attach technology to a person’s ear or head, from tiny wireless earbuds to full-size headphones. If you like the classic arc mount, and the weight of the device is rather big, give preference to products with a soft backing and a case made of durable materials. Models with an occipital arch can be less demanding, since they weigh a little and hold firmly on the head. How to choose Headphones Price in Pakistan for sports? For fitness, running or any other sport, it is better to choose wireless models or headphones without arms: the devices are fixed in the auricles due to hooks that go behind the ears.

More recently, a new version of headphones has appeared on the market – devices with bone conduction. The emitters are attached to the bone behind the ear and transmit sound by vibration, while the ears themselves remain free. The sound quality in these headphones is below average and so far this form factor is not popular.

The main types of headphones and their features

All modern headphones can be divided into:

  • Full size
  • invoices
  • vacuum
  • wireless

Full-size headphones completely cover the auricles and, due to their size, are most often used at home. Overhead – a little smaller, lighter, and therefore more comfortable. In-ear headphones fit comfortably in the ears, but still their contact with the auditory canal is weak for obtaining good sound quality. Such models are good for those who, while listening to music, want to understand what is happening around (good for wearing on the way to work, on a bike ride, etc.) The next type is in-ear or vacuum headphones. They suppress noise well and produce decent volume levels. To choose vacuum headphones that are most comfortable to use, take care to purchase silicone ear tips of the right size.

Next in line are wireless headphones, which are becoming increasingly popular. The reason for this is the lack of 3.5 mm jacks in modern smartphones and the desire of users to get rid of tangled wires. Wireless headphones can be connected by a cord to each other (overhead, earbuds). The second type is individual earbuds stored in a case.

How do wireless headphones transmit a signal? In most cases, the transmission of the audio signal is analog and digital. The latter type improves the sound quality, as it allows you to completely get rid of background noise. But analog headphones also have their advantages – their range reaches 100 meters. How to choose bluetooth headphones for your phone? The best option is to opt for a headset of the same brand as the smartphone. In this case, the user will have access to advanced settings, and the maximum compatibility of devices will positively affect the sound quality.

Types of on-ear headphones

On-ear headphones, in turn, are divided into:

  • Closed – excellent isolation from noise, others will definitely not hear your music, but the sound may be distorted due to reflection from the solid walls of the cups
  • open – the sound comes out through the holes; noise isolation is small, but the sound is realistic
  • semi-closed – an intermediate option.

It is important to pay attention Headphones Price in Pakistan to the material of the ear pads – leatherette, velor or wool. How to choose the right ear pads? Textile options are suitable for the warm season, as well as gamers and all those who are used to being in headphones for a long time.

Choosing headphones: important nuances

If your choice fell on wired headphones, choose models with a thick braided cable or with Kevlar thread inside. Since the reason for the breakdown of most wired headphones is just in a fragile cable. Also a good option is a flat cord, which withstands bends well and is less tangled.

Prefer full-size headphones, but would like to enjoy watching TV or dancing without worrying about the integrity of the wires? Take a look at wireless devices. But keep in mind that larger wireless models may suffer a bit in sound quality and need to be charged.

How to choose headphones for your phone? For those who listen to music and watch videos mainly through their smartphone and prefer wireless technology, true wireless headphones of the same brand as the phone are well suited. These headphones boast practicality, autonomy and decent sound quality.

If you are not just a music lover, but an audiophile, and want to hear a full-fledged sound (bass, expressive mids, treble), choose professional full-size headphones from such reputable brands as Sennheiser.


How to choose good headphones if you talk a lot on Skype, on the phone or during online games? The microphone can be:

  • Fixed – great for gamers and those who often talk on the phone
  • Located on the wire – a mobile solution, but the microphone is often too far from the head
  • Removable – can be used only when necessary
  • Disabled – a useful feature for those who like to take a break from the conversation and exchange remarks with third parties.

In addition, the microphones on the headset can be made in the form of a lavalier (attached to a wire) or be a one-piece design.

Connection type: USB or mini-jack?

If you connect the equipment to the USB port, the sound is processed digitally and the headphones are responsible for the quality of what you hear. When connected via mini-jack, the computer, tablet or any other device to which the headphones are connected is responsible for sound processing. Therefore, if the PC sound card leaves much to be desired, pay attention to models with a USB connection. The advantage of analog mini-jack headphones is the ability to connect to smartphones, game consoles and more.

Sensitivity and noise reduction

What are the parameters to choose headphones? The first of the important characteristics is sensitivity. The sensitivity affects the sound volume: the higher it is, the louder your favorite tracks will sound in the headphones. A good sensitivity value that you can focus on is 100 decibels.

Some headphone models are equipped with a noise cancelling system. Such devices have an individual microphone for recording external noise and a digital unit that dampens them. If you are ready for a slight degradation in sound quality in exchange for the ability to abstract from the outside world as much as possible, take a closer look at models with noise reduction.


Impedance is one of the main characteristics of headphones, which indicates how difficult a particular device will be to load an amplifier. What does this mean in practice? If you are wondering how to match headphones to your phone, resistance of more than 32 ohms is of no use to you. The same applies to conventional laptops and computers: headphones with a resistance of 32 ohms will be enough for sound cards of such equipment. The small amplifier inside the phone works well with low impedance devices. But high-impedance devices are perfectly combined with specialized players, the developers of which paid attention to the audio path.

How to choose loud headphones? Choose headphones according to the gadget with which you will use them. To listen to high quality music with 150 ohm readings, you need a strong output signal. Such models are worth buying for those who listen to music or watch movies on a modern computer or TV.

Frequency range

All headphone models are arranged in approximately the same way and reproduce the frequency range accessible to the human ear – from 20 to 20,000 hertz. It happens that the speakers of the headphones support a range wider than 20,000 hertz. Such parameters indicate a more accurate reproduction of audible frames.

How to choose good headphones for your computer, phone or music centre? When choosing headphones, you should not be guided only by the numbers indicated in the “frequency range” line. Too high frequencies in the characteristics should not confuse you – even a person with the most sensitive hearing will not hear notes above 30 kHz. The best option is to test the device and find out how your ears will perceive the sound through specific headphones, and then make a choice.


Frequency response curve

The abbreviation AFC stands for “amplitude-frequency response”. Essentially, it is the relationship between loudness and frequency of a sound. The frequency indicators in the description of the device are the length of the frequency response curve. If you approach the choice of headphones carefully, visit the official website of a certain manufacturer of equipment and check out the frequency response graphs for the device model you are interested in. The ideal sound without hiss and other noise on the graph looks like a straight line. As for colour designations, their interpretation is as follows.

  • Green – subjective frequency response, on the basis of which measurements are made.
  • Yellow – indicators in accessories for live music (in most cases, the sound is obtained without a sharp frequency fluctuation).
  • Blue – shows the sound quality in professional headphones for sound engineers and musicians, the emphasis is on the upper frequencies.
  • Orange – equipment that dampens whistling sounds or is an indicator of good sound output at low frequencies.

Driver diaphragm diameter

According to the laws of physics, the diameter of the driver membrane directly affects the volume and clarity of the sound. The larger the diaphragm, the better the sound. The diameter has a particularly strong effect on the sound of low frequencies (bass). Therefore, those who appreciate expressive bottoms in music and are interested in how to choose headphones with bass should pay attention to full-size models with a speaker diameter of more than 30 mm. Such dimensions make it possible to improve the depth of sound by installing a modified hardware filling, which is impossible in droplet speakers with a diameter of up to 12 mm.

Headphone power

Another indicator that affects the volume of the sound. Power is nominal and input. The first value makes it clear what signal level the headphones need in order to reach their full potential. The second type of power is a guideline for choosing the device to which you want to connect specific headphones (the power levels of the headphones and the player must match).

Power indicators of modern headphones can vary between 1 mW – 5000 mW. Power criteria should be taken into account by music lovers and audiophiles who plan to listen to music on a modern computer or specialised players. But for those who choose headphones for a smartphone, it is enough to take into account the “sensitivity” parameter described above in order to eventually get a decent sound volume and not overload the battery.

Harmonic Distortion

This parameter is responsible for how clear and crisp the sound will be in the headphones. A benchmark for those who prefer high-quality sound is a coefficient of 0.5%. When reading the characteristics in the description of the device, pay attention to the frequencies at which the harmonic distortion coefficient was measured. Your ears are your best guide when it comes to evaluating sound clarity – no numbers in the user manual can replace a live technique test.

Other sound characteristics

Many users are faced with the fact that the general characteristics mentioned earlier are the same in many products, but the sound in the headphones is still different. What is the reason for this phenomenon, and how to choose normal headphones?

The fact is that the sound quality is affected by many factors, including:

  • headphone design
  • material for the manufacture of the diffuser and the principle of its operation
  • wire quality
  • factory settings of the device, set by the development engineers

That is why it is worth paying attention to the production equipment of well-known brands that value their reputation, use high-quality components and introduce modern technologies into the production process.

Features of gaming headphones

The main differences between gaming headphones and conventional devices are the presence of a built-in microphone, an elongated wire (if the headphones are wired) and a special design. Otherwise, the headphones for gamers are identical to other devices.

How to choose gaming headphones if you spend a lot of time playing the game and you are characterised by excessive sweating? Avoid leatherette ear pads, breathable textiles are much better. Headband and speaker rotation should be selected based on the individual characteristics and shape of your head. When it comes to materials of manufacture, most gamers opt for plastic. Despite the relative fragility of the material, it is very light, which is an indisputable advantage for users who do not take off their headphones for a long time.

When choosing between in-ears and full-size on-ear models. Consider the shape of your ear and the comfort level of talking with headphones. It happens that the earbuds do not fit well in the ears, and at the time of dialogues with game partners, serious discomfort is felt. In this case, the most comfortable headphones will be overhead. As for the sound characteristics, today even compact earplugs can have decent parameters and be equipped with a microphone. So the main selection criterion is user convenience.

Conclusion and main criteria for choosing headphones

So, which headphones to choose to be satisfied with the purchase? The first important point is the device that will be the sound source in your case. If you are purchasing headphones for a smartphone and do not place high demands on sound quality. Choose devices with an impedance of up to 30 ohms and average sensitivity. Please note that the parameters indicated in. The instructions for the headphones are the maximum results that the device can achieve under ideal conditions. That is why, in reality, the characteristics of the headphones may not reach what is written in the user manual.

The comfort and durability of headphones are just as important as the technical specifications. Be sure to pay attention to the compatibility of the connector of your device and the headphone plug. Sometimes adapters can solve the issue of incompatibility, but it is better to choose the right plug right away. If you want wired headphones to be as comfortable as possible in use. Calculate the convenient length of the wire and choose the type of connection through one cup. So that you can throw the cord back.

Which headphones to choose in 2023? Do not forget that the main rule is to choose with your ears. The convenience of technology depends on many individual factors. The shape of the ear, the characteristics of sound perception, hearing, etc. This is what you should pay attention to in the first place.

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