Currently, a number of departments or specialists collaborate on launch preparation. Andrew Hatfield claims that the core group of participants is always led by product roadmap, with close participation from engineering, product management, and broader marketing teams like demand/growth.

When it comes to startups and small businesses

Devin Miller asserts from product roadmap examples, “Everyone should be selling, everyone should be preparing for the release.”

Each department must complete its own checklist of scheduled activities prior to the launch. All important features must be built by software engineers, prototypes must be made by designers, and quality assurance testers must test how these features work.


5 best practices for the product roadmap powered by Trackerdslogo

Ensure compliance with regulations and legal agreements.


  1. Using the examples from the product roadmap, create user documentation.


  1. Define metrics for success.


  1. Organize the collection of feedback.


  1. Give the sales and customer service teams training.


The method by which the product team will assess the degree of launch success should be known to them. Both the goals you set to back up your efforts and the product can have an impact on metrics.

Examples of this include retention, the actual number of purchases

Compared to the forecast (with a breakdown by subscription types), and the effect of added features on total conversion. Product registrations or downloads, web traffic, and media mentions, according to Andrew Hatfield, are the top-line goals he most frequently achieves. The internet inquiries and qualified leads follow. One of my earliest offerings was also one of my most popular offerings. A wearable hydration monitor was the item. When a company that wanted to use our technology bought us, we were getting ready to launch and enter the market.

Also, think about the tools you and your coworkers will use to collect and keep track of these metrics. 

How customers interact with websites and applications.

Because it lets you see how well your product vision and customer expectations are met, gathering feedback is an essential part of the feedback collection process. Select your methods, the type of feedback, and the distribution channels.

For instance, ratings and reviews on the App Store and Play Market, as well as review platforms that will depend on your niche  Utilizing pre-made or custom sentiment analysis tools, you can monitor brand mentions.


Because a product manager is in charge of the entire operation

each team has its own checklist. This makes it easier to keep track of task dependencies and coordinate team efforts, as well as provides a comprehensive view of development’s progress. A product launch checklist can cover all aspects of the product lifecycle, from positioning and messaging to post-launch development and support. Members of the team who use checklists almost never miss an assignment once the team is up and running.


Launch plans can be arranged in accordance with a timetable, an activity, or a function. Because some tasks can be completed simultaneously, we will investigate a launch checklist based on the type of work.

Check milestones for development because most software products launch multiple times. There are three launch phases: beta, alpha, and pre-alpha.


Milestones, which are particular sets of functions that need to be ready

Each kind of launch, are included in a product roadmap. Because a product manager ensures that each function has been completed and tested. A product is ready to enter the market when it reaches a certain point.

Notes that the timing and specifics of the launch plan are influenced by the kind of product.  The level of effort required to bring it to market, and a company’s desired impact.  Once we have decided whether to produce a major release or develop. a new product, a tentative launch window is established.  The only exception to this is when I begin preparing for the launch earlier. If we anticipate the launch to coincide with a significant industry event, such as a conference.

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