You expect your graduation ceremony to last an hour or two max, but that does not happen at all! There are several  processes and rituals that go on throughout the day, making the graduation ceremony a very long process. In this article, I will discuss what exactly happens during a graduation ceremony.

Keep reading till the end to find out how long does graduation take.

What Is A Graduation Ceremony Really?  

Graduation is defined as the awarding of Diploma to a student by the educational institution. It may also indicate the ceremony that is linked with it. The date when the graduation ceremony happens is known as the graduation day. The graduation ceremony is also oftentimes called the “commencement”, “convocation,” or congregation”.

How Long Does Graduation Ceremony Go On For?  

The duration of the time that Graduation ceremonies go on for really depends. A graduation ceremony usually lasts for 2 to 3 hours. While it may last way longer for upto four hours, if the university has certain rituals, they do. As a result, the ceremonial staff try their best to keep the ceremony organized by starting right on time. Do remember to arrive early as there will be rehearsals conducted as well.

Getting Seated  

The seating area is assigned prior to the day the graduation ceremony is about to take place. It is assigned according to the area and field of study (department wise).

You will then receive assistance and direction about how to line up and where you are going to sit once you arrive at the venue.

There will be a name card that will be given to the stage manager right before you walk the stage. Make sure you wear the cap correctly before the ceremony – your mentor or some other staff can help you with that.

Academic Procession  

Next, the Academic procession will take place over a span of 15-20 minutes. The academic procession is made up of the university staff and other board members who will enter the ceremony. All of the graduands will then remain in a standing position untill the entire procession, including the Chancellor have taken seats.

Welcome Address  

Then after the Chancellor gets seated, the president of the academic board or the Vice Chancellor will give a brief welcome address to all of the faculty, family and graduates.

Presentation Of Degrees and Awards  

The awards and degrees are usually presented in an alphabetical order according to the department. All depending on your school, there will be different degree levels presented – first, the honorary, masters and doctoral degrees.

Walking The Stage  

This is the most crucial part of the ceremony and comes after all of the pre-rituals that I provided above, have already been done.

When time for your department comes, your row will be accompanied to the foot of the stage. There, you will have to wait in line. Then once it is time, you will get to hear your name being called. Then you have to walk the stage to shake the Chancellor’s hand and stop to take a photo in front of everyone. This is also the part where your friends and family will cheer for you the loudest as possible to show appreciation on your accomplishment.

A Few Tips On Walking The Stage  

Here is a list of a few tips that you need to follow while walking on the stage:

  • First, you would need to hand the stage manager your name card for the appropriate announcement of your name.
  • Then, once your name has been called, you must walk across the stage.
  • After that, make sure when you are shaking the Chancellor’s hand – do it with your right hand.
  • You need to take the diploma/cylinder in your left hand.
  • You also would need to pause for a picture while shaking your Chancellor’s hand and also while holding your diploma/cylinder.
  • Then walk off the stage and collect your parchment along with the alumni information.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Graduation ceremony:

  • What is the best graduating student called?

A: The highest performing student gets the title of Valedictorian. A numerical formula commonly determines them.

  • How many years does it take to get a graduate degree?

A: Graduate degrees nearly take around two years to attain, but it can vary based on the degree you are taking.

  • What is the difference between a graduate and a bachelor?

A: Bachelor degrees take about three to four years to complete. In contrast, Graduate degrees take between two to three years to complete.

To Wrap It Up!  

Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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