Keep in mind that two weeks are not enough time to see Pakistan in its entirety, let alone half of it, before you start looking for tickets and lodging. You will be able to see a small portion of the country’s most popular travel destinations1. Tourist places in Pakistan with this itinerary, which focuses primarily on the northern and north eastern regions.

But don’t worry about it because these places are sure to amaze you with their beauty, mystery, and culture. The majority of Pakistan is still relatively undeveloped and free of commercial activity as a result of low tourism, allowing travelers to wander and explore on their own terms.

From Gilgit to Minapin and Rakaposhi base camp There is a detour approximately 75 kilometers away to Minapin, a charming village with1. Tourist places in Pakistan  stunning mountain views and a route to trek to Rakaposhi Mountain’s base camp.

It is entirely up to you whether or not to complete the easy-to-moderate-level trek all the way to base camp; however, you will still enjoy the trek path walk and the surrounding views.1. Tourist places in Pakistan you will need two days to travel back and forth and camping gear if you do take the trek. There are a lot of glaciers on the trek, and you can only cross them between May and September.

From Minapin, it takes only a short drive to reach the Hunza region, which includes Karimabad and the villages nearby. You will be surrounded on all sides by skyscraping mountains, all of which are higher than 7,000 meters. In the village, the Hunza Lounge and Serena Inn are two of many options for both budget and luxury lodging.

Because the1. tourist places in Pakistan majority of people who live in Karimabad are Ismailis, the culture and atmosphere are very laid-back and liberal. While working, the women there are seen on the streets without covering their heads or faces and will even greet and converse with you.

In Karimabad, you must visit the two ancient forts Altit and Baltit, both of which are popular cultural and 1. tourist places in Pakistan attractions from centuries ago. You can climb to the Eagle’s Nest for a panoramic view of the valley and the majestic Rakaposhi, Diran, and Lady Finger mountains after wandering there for a few hours.

You can choose whether or not to finish the easy-to-moderate-level trek all the way to base camp, but either way, you’ll still get to enjoy the trek path walk and the surrounding views. If you decide to make the trek, you will need two days to travel back and forth and camping equipment. There are numerous glaciers on the trek, and you can only cross them between May and September