IT professionals are becoming more aware of the importance of cloud technologies, making Microsoft Azure fundamentals certification a hot topic among them.

Microsoft’s Azure certifications are tailored to specific job roles, such as Azure Administrator, Azure Solution Architect, and more. They divide these qualifications into four tiers: Fundamental, Associate, Expert, and Specialty. Each level is developed to create in-depth knowledge of each respective role based on industry standards.

Unsurprisingly, the entry-level credential is highly preferred among IT professionals. So, this guide discusses the AZ 900 certification and its essential components, such as the fundamentals and Azure administrator roles and responsibilities.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Overview

The AZ 900 certification exam tests your understanding of Azure fundamentals, including core concepts related to security, privacy, compliance, trustworthiness, scalability, and resilience. It covers topics like managing identities with Azure AD Connect and managing access control with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). It also covers other requirements, such as setting up virtual networks or creating storage accounts.

Azure Administrator Roles and Responsibilities

The AZ 900 exam tests your ability to implement, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot Microsoft Azure solutions. It covers topics such as

  • Setting up virtual machines
  • Deploying web applications,
  • Creating databases
  • Configuring networking
  • Monitoring performance

The certification also requires you to understand the roles and responsibilities of an Azure administrator, including designing and implementing cloud architecture as well as managing resources.

Topics Covered in the Certification Exam

The AZ 900 certification exam covers a range of topics, including

  • Understanding cloud concepts
  • Core services and solutions
  • Security
  • Privacy and compliance 

It also tests an individual’s ability to configure, manage and monitor Azure resources.

AZ 900 Certification Prerequisites

Before attempting the exam, it is crucial to go through the basics. Microsoft recommends possessing at least six months of hands-on experience with Azure services before registering for the exam. 

It is also essential to have a basic knowledge and understanding of the technology and hands-on experience with the platform. Therefore, you can pass this exam and become an Azure administrator only with hard work and dedication.

Exam Fee

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam costs $99.

Who should have this certification?

The AZ 900 certification exam is the perfect way to enter cloud technology. It’s ideal if you want to develop your knowledge and skills to fit the Azure administrator job description. This certification also benefits those in IT roles who need a better understanding of Microsoft Azure services.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

From a career-building point of view, there are many advantages to obtaining a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification.

The certification recognizes a fundamental understanding and knowledge of cloud services and how to implement them using Microsoft Azure. With this recognition, you can demonstrate your technical skills in developing and deploying applications on the cloud to potential employers or clients.

Furthermore, having an official certification also improves your resume and makes you stand out from other applicants who might not have such qualifications.

How to prepare for the AZ 900 Certification Exam?

The best way to prepare for the AZ 900 certification exam is by taking practice tests and studying material related to Microsoft azure fundamentals. However, you must also have hands-on experience with Microsoft Azure services, such as setting up virtual machines, deploying web applications, creating databases, configuring networking, and monitoring performance. 

In addition, staying updated on new Microsoft Azure features and announcements is essential. By following these tips and taking practice exams, you can successfully pass the Microsoft Azure fundamentals certification exam and demonstrate your knowledge of Microsoft azure fundamentals.


The AZ 900 certification exam is designed to test your understanding of Microsoft Azure fundamentals such as security, privacy, scalability, and resilience and your ability to manage Microsoft Azure services. So, earning this certification helps demonstrate your knowledge and skills related to Microsoft Azure services.

It is an ideal way to get started in the cloud technology field and provides you with the necessary tools to become an Azure administrator. With hard work and dedication, you can successfully clear this exam and gain a valuable certification that will open up future job opportunities in the ever-evolving Microsoft Azure ecosystem.

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