What Is Ice Hockey?

Ice hockey is a game between two teams wearing icing skates and competing on an ice slab. Each team consists of six players. The goal is to propel the puck past a drawn goal line and throw it into a net guarded by a goaltender. Ice hockey is famous for its speed and frequent physical contact.

Ice Hockey Jerseys

Ice hockey jerseys come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. In general, they are designed as either ‘Polyester knit ice hockey jerseys or polyester mesh ice hockey jerseys’.

Polyester is frequently used for Custom Ice Hockey Uniforms because, unlike cotton, it does not retain moisture or sweat and remains dry. Ice hockey jerseys are designed in mid to heavy-knit or polyester mesh. These jerseys also have features such as double shoulders or double elbows. On the contrary, practice jerseys for ice hockey are similar but usually come in lighter weights.

Step-by-Step Guide for Custom Ice-Hockey Jerseys Design Procedure

Do you have practice on Thursday and an important game on Friday? What will you do, and what might your plan be? A customized ice hockey jersey will ensure that your game jersey is clean and ready for the main game day.

Customized Ice Hockey Jerseys for the Entire Team

Usually, teams prefer a main front design with numerics and names on the back. As a jersey brand, we also suggest that your main design should be bold and beautiful. Having a big, bold logo on the front of your ice hockey jersey will make it visible to a running ice hockey player in the midst of the heat of the game.

Always ensure to understand what exactly is included in the price of your customized ice hockey jerseys. Usually, brands quote the price with a one-color print. which means additional colors and setup costs are extra. Screen printing on the front of the jersey is the generally preferred method. Moreover, it is cost-effective and long-lasting.

Names and numbers cost extra because they require a separate process. Furthermore, a vinyl cutting machine to cut player names and numbers is used, making it an extensive process. The vinyl is heat-sealed onto the ice hockey shirt at a high temperature creating a permanent bond.

How To Design an Ice Hockey Jersey

There is no hidden secret in the fact that the game jersey is one of the most important things when it comes to sports. As a player or even as a supporter, your Ice Hockey Jersey states who you are and the team you represent on the national level. Understanding the basics of the designing process of your jersey or how you can design your own jersey is essential.

Below we look at some key areas to keep in mind included in the design process of an ice hockey jersey. These points can be applied to most games and team wear products.

1. Look for the Latest Designs in Ice Hockey Jerseys

Unless you already have a design in mind, you have two options: jump on any brand’s website and use their free Kitbuilder feature or search the internet for more inspiration. The catch here is to taper down the selection to your top ten jersey designs.

Keep in mind your specific sport. For instance, if you are designing a rugby jersey, ‘chevrons’ are a special feature that will authenticate the jersey’s design more. If you research the history and style of ice hockey, you will already be one step closer to a successful final jersey design.

2. Keep In Mind Your Team’s Customary Style

However, designing a game jersey is seen as an opportunity to give the team a fresh new look; it is also an opportunity to build your team’s culture and customs. You will keep your associated members happy by infusing recognized design features such as chevrons or butcher stripes. Doing this will permit the rest of the jersey to become an open canvas for an exciting new style, which in turn keeps the members engaged and joyful.

3. Write Your Innovative Ideas on Paper for Better Visualization

It is much easier to engage with your designs if you can visualize them. Either do it yourself, collaborate with a designer, or get a junior team member to help you. It necessarily does not have to be a masterpiece, but a quick, random sketch will breathe some life into the jersey design. Moreover, it also makes it a lot easier to explain and win over teammates and management members if they can see it in front of them.

4. Select Minimum Designs and Incorporate Your Team Colours

Designing an hockey jersey can be tiring, and satisfying all team members is nearly impossible. While presenting your innovative designs, limiting the choice to a small selection will let the members become involved but not give them too much scope for change.

Color needs coordination and consideration. If you have two or three particular team colors, try using all of them and have an even balance. Alternatively, use one of the colors as the base and incorporate certain colors as design features.

5. The Final Touches – Team’s Logo, Sponsors, and Player’s Names

Begin by applying concrete features, including the team logo, competition logo, and the playing number of every teammate. Then start to incorporate your variable details, which include sponsors, team motto, and relevant optional details.

Depending on the level of competition, it is important to check with the organizing board to see if any rules need to be followed regarding logos, including size, constraints, and positioning.


There are no hard and fast rules or any right or wrong while designing an hockey jersey – in fact, it is a fun process. However, if you apply these key points that are mentioned above, you will put yourself in the best situation when you engage any sportswear supplier such as AthleisureX. If you want to order high-quality custom hockey pants and jerseys, head to the AthleisureX website and shop today.