Canada is an incredible destination for immigrants from different parts of the world. Many people apply for a Canada PR visa every year and this amazing country welcomes open properly. Not just Canada offers various benefits to its residents but is also a peaceful place to dwell with your loved ones. In this second-largest country worldwide, a significant part of the population is comprised of immigrants, and the numbers are growing over the past decade. If you are also planning to settle in Canada alone or with your family, the living expenditure in this country must be a matter of concern for you. Do not fret as today’s information is going to answer all the questions regarding expenses in this new country.

Undoubtedly, it is obvious to find a new place is expensive compared to your native country. However, things start to seem under control once you get used to your new home. Still, one fact is there, every country has its own budget for day-to-day life requirements and that may vary from province to province, city to city, and even, town to town. People applying for a Canada PR visa should ascertain a place for their future living, which suits their budget. But here you will get a general idea of how affordable or extravagant some stuff can get in Canada. So, we have covered basics like housing, transportation, taxes, food, etc.

If you are applying for a Canada PR visa and have three dependents accompanying you, then it is recommended to carry at least $8k as the expenditure for a month. Usually, it is $4k excluding the rent for a family of four. Talking about, the most important inclusion of the budget is the housing cost, which can be up to 40 percent of your total cost of living. There are different types of houses in Maple Leaf country like two-bedroom apartments, semi-detached townhouses, condos, and shared rooms. Separate houses are costly and are mostly preferred by families, whereas international students or other individuals adjust in places with lower rents. One bedroom costs around $2500 in Vancouver, whereas the same is available on rent for $1767 in Ottawa.

The housing rent varies as per the city and selected house type. Utilities can cost you up to $70 to $170, which includes gas, heat, and water. The transportation expenses would be up to $300 for the working people who commute to work daily. Internet and phone bills can cost you around $100 – $150. Moving further with the food expenses, you can spend as much as you want for all those lavish eatables. But a family of four spends around $500 on average. There are taxes also and that include 5 percent of goods and service tax and provincial sales tax of up to 10 percent for the residents.

Some tips to save money as an immigrant in Canada

  •         Hire the best immigration consultant in Gurugram or anywhere in India to apply for a Canada PR visa. This will not just save you from unnecessary hassle, but also save you significant bucks. The experts can guide you to put your money into only reasonable and suitable programs to attain Canada PR.
  •         Always set a proper budget for a month or a week beforehand. This is how you will know how to control your expenses in a new city.
  •         It is quite often that you will see discounts and deals in the supermarkets. All you need is to keep an eye on and search for the availability of such discounts online or offline, whenever possible.
  •         Try to avoid eating out at extravagant places to stay within budget and not go overboard with your credit cards.

This list may go on, but you need to hurry and apply for Canada PR visa first. Once you get the residency, you can maintain your budget gradually in a new city. All the best.