Corteiz, sometimes known as Crtz, was released in 2017. The

founder goes by the name Clint in the public eye. His designs,

which include £30 t-shirts, £120 joggers, and £125 cargos, have

the recognisable Alcatraz emblem, which stands for revolt

against convention and is said to be the brand’s main idea.


Items frequently run out within minutes. Each item is produced

in a small quantity by the brand and is either released

unexpectedly in stores or sold through a secret e-commerce

site to which only a restricted number of people are given

access. Also, the Instagram account is private. Corteiz forbids

resale, however it is hard to police given that Bolo coats go for

£500 on Depop.

Fashion company Corteiz Clothing Apparel is more than simply a line of

clothing; it’s a social movement. The company’s dedication to

utilising fashion as a vehicle to advance good social change is

seen in all they do.


Cortez Jackson, a designer, entrepreneur, and activist, founded

Cortez Clothes in 2018 with the goal of upending the existing

quo in the fashion sector. The brand’s goal is to provide

fashionable, high-quality apparel that is sustainable, ethically

created, and supports social justice and equality.

Corteiz Clothing’s dedication to employing ethical production

practises and sustainable materials is one of its most notable

characteristics. They use organic cotton and recycled polyester

to make all of their apparel, among other environmentally

friendly products. The company also makes sure that all of its

manufacturers and suppliers adhere to high moral standards,

including paying workers a fair salary and providing a safe



Yet, Corteiz Clothing’s dedication to social justice extends

beyond its production practises. The company aggressively

uses its platform to spread knowledge and encourage progress

on problems like racism, police brutality, and mental health.


For instance, Corteiz Clothing has collaborated with a number

of non-profit groups to assist social justice-related topics. In

order to aid in their attempts to put a stop to institutional racism

and police brutality, they have joined with the Black Lives Matter

movement. In order to promote the value of mental health and

to help those who are dealing with mental illness, they have

also worked with mental health groups.

Moreover, Corteiz Clothing has developed apparel lines with the

express purpose of advancing social justice and equality. For

instance, their “Justice for Everyone” line includes hoodies and

t-shirts with stirring themes like “Equality for All” and “Stop

Police Brutality.”


Corteiz Clothing’s dedication to diversity is another noteworthy

quality. The company features models of diverse ethnicities,

genders, and abilities in its advertising campaigns and provides

a variety of sizes to fit people with all body shapes.


In general, Corteiz Clothes is a company that is in the forefront

of the movement to use fashion as a vehicle for good social

change. By emphasising ethical and ecological manufacturing

practises and leveraging their position to spread awareness of

crucial social issues.

Moreover, Corteiz Clothing emphasises both quality and style

heavily. Their aim in designing apparel is on producing classic

designs that may be worn for many years. They provide a

variety of clothes that are all made to be both comfortable and

fashionable, such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and joggers.


The brand’s iconic “Corteiz” hoodie, which has a striking graphic

pattern and is made of premium organic cotton, is one of its

most well-known products. The brand’s dedication to producing

apparel that is both trendy and ethical is clearly demonstrated

by the hoodie, which is both cosy and stylish.

Also, Corteiz Clothing places a high priority on client happiness.

They provide free shipping on orders over a specific amount

and a hassle-free return policy. A customer support staff is also

available to address any queries or worries that clients may



Corteiz Hoodie is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and

innovation in addition to social justice and sustainability. Young

designers and entrepreneurs are given mentorship and

assistance by the company, and they are always seeking for

opportunities to work with and help other socially aware



In general, Corteiz Clothing is a company that is setting the bar

for how fashion may be used to effect good social change.

Every action they do demonstrates their dedication to

sustainability, social justice, inclusion, and excellence, and they

are establishing a new bar for the fashion sector. Go no farther

than Corteiz Apparel if you’re seeking for fashionable, ethically

crafted clothes that promotes a worthwhile cause.


Brands like Corteiz Clothing are demonstrating that it is feasible

to produce high-quality, fashionable apparel that is both ethical

and socially responsible while the fashion industry continues to

struggle with concerns relating to sustainability, social justice,

and inclusion. By utilising their influence to advocate for

constructive change and spread awareness of crucial issues.


Corteiz Apparel is certainly worth looking into if you’re searching

for clothing that is both stylish and morally responsible. They

stand out as a brand in the fashion business due to their

dedication to employing ethically produced goods and

sustainable materials, as well as their support of social justice

and equality. In addition to receiving a fantastic article of

apparel when you shop at Corteiz Clothing, you’re also

supporting a company that strives to improve the world.