Painting is an expression of emotions, feelings and ideas which has a two-visual language and aesthetic qualities. The main aspects of painting include the colors, lines, shapes, textures and tones, which are used to produce and create space, light, movement and volume on a flat surface. The combination of these elements creates expressive patterns that represent a supernatural or real phenomena. An artist decides which medium will be used for painting. The artists can use fresco, tempera, watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, encaustic, gouache, ink, casein or encaustic for their paintings.

An art which is expressed through paintings and sculptures and depicts a real-life image is called Figurative Art. Figurative art represents a human figure in a distorted or altered form. Theoretically, the term figurative art can be applied to any type of art but generally it is associated with paintings. The figurative artists try to portray the real-life events and the real world through the canvas; however, their style and techniques differ. Some artists have more emphasis on figuration and some want to create an illusionary effect, while there are other artists who use a hyper realistic approach and pay attention to every little detail. To become a successful figurative artist, one should have the ability to portray a particular life event or subject in an artistic and logical manner. A popular name in the field of figurative arts is Cheryl Kline, who is known for her artwork. She was born on 11th September, 1956 in Long Beach, California and is an American figurative painter, author, and educator who currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Her areas of expertise include narrative figure painting, landscape, abstract figurative, and portraits.

In 1977, Kline completed her Bachelor’s Degree in the Advertising Design from the Woodbury University. After her graduation, she became an adjunct professor and started teaching painting and design at the University. When she was working as an advertising illustrator, she met Helen Winslow, a California based impressionist. After meeting Helen, Kline started her private studies in the field of impressionistic painting. Under the supervision and guidance of Jan Valentine Saether, Kline learnt old master painting techniques during her time at the Bruchion School of Art and Gnosis. She then went to Italy in 2005 after she got an admission in Florence Academy of Art. During the summer programs, Kline learned Advanced Narrative Figures, Portraiture, Advance Figure Painting, Plein Air, and various other techniques of classical painting and drawings. In 1995, she had her first art exhibition.

Later in 2001, Kline created a huge body of sky paintings through which she received immense recognition. Her Abstract Figurative series, in 2006, also became very popular. In 2007, Kline used her knowledge and expertise in art and laid the foundation of Kline Academy of Fine Arts. The curriculum at the academy included painting techniques, both contemporary and classical. Her work exhibited at various galleries and in 2006, her first solo exhibition was held at the Discovery Museum in Connecticut. The Royal Academy of Summer Exhibition, London also exhibited her work in 2007. In 2020, she enrolled in Goldman Sachs 10k Small Business Program, which helps small scale businesses in the development and implementation of a growth plan. She was also selected for many Group and Solo Exhibition Publications and lists. As a published author, she has written the book A Treatise on Portrait Painting, An Exploration of Palettes and Styles. Kline has also been awarded by the Portrait Society of America and Salmagundi Club in New York. From across the globe, Kline’s famous collectors include Famous collectors include Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, and Ken Starr.

Kline’s artwork has been exhibited at various museums and galleries, which included mixed media, commissioned portraits and printmaking with a special focus on experimental techniques. Because of artists like Cheryl Kline, the future of figurative art looks bright. But in order to excel in the field of figurative art, one should have the skill to present and portray different philosophies, cultures and beliefs through paintings.