Bubble Letter L

A step-by-step drawing manual for your bubble letter L. L is the twelfth note of the alphabet, and in frequency periods, it is one of the multiple common letters we see in words.You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, scary drawing, pencil drawing, cool things to draw, scary drawing, creative drawing, easy puppy drawing and flower drawing.

It’s also one of the most accessible letters to pick up when first learning to write. The sound of an l is also one of the most comfortable pronouncing, pushing L on a general everyday reminder! While it might be easy to write and say, that doesn’t mean you can’t do cool things with it. This guide will show you how to animate this short letter with a fun projection development.

Let’s start


In the introduction to this guide, we explained that the letter L is one of the most straightforward letters to learn when writing.The lowercase version is a vertical line, and the uppercase version adds a horizontal part below.It’s all straightforward, but we will make it more complex with this version of bubble letters. That said, we will keep it very simple for this first step. All you own to accomplish is to pull a simple vertical line. It looks pretty straight in our sample picture, but you don’t have to worry about it being perfectly straight.


This part should be as easy as step one, if not easier! All you own to accomplish is remove a curved piece outside the line.This will extend to the left in an arc. If you can do the line above and it’s all in one motion, that would be ideal, but you can split it in half if you find it more accessible.Don’t worry if you need to practice the motion of drawing those lines, and you’ll get there! With this top of the column drawn, we can draw the other parts of the column in the following steps, so let’s continue.


Again, it’s okay if your hand shakes and makes it wave. In our reference image, you can see a steep drop in the line.This will only make the letter look more like a bubble or a balloon so that we won’t look for perfectly straight lines.When you have drawn this last vertical line, there will be a space at the base of the letter.This is a space we will fill in very soon when we complete the outline in the next step of the guide!When you are satisfied with its appearance, we will finish this plan.


We will draw this base in this step, which involves another long, curved shape. This base will start and end where the space was left in the last part.As always, the line doesn’t have to be perfectly straight, but it should be reasonably flat because that’s the base of the letter. With this line added, you will see that the outline of this bubble map is now complete! However, we are still going.In the next step, you’ll add some fun extra details to complete the bubble effect, and then we’ll add some colours in the final step.


This simple slight shape makes the letter look like it’s made out of latex or bubbles, but we’re still going!It still looks flat, so we’ll add a few lines inside the outline to make it air-filled. We’ve only added a few of these lines, but you can add more.You are now ready to add colour! However, you don’t need to move on just yet.

There are many ways to customize the drawing further. A fun idea would be to draw a string out of the L to make it look like a balloon.Or, you can draw fun patterns or shapes inside the letter to make it more visually attractive. These are just a few ideas, but there’s no wrong way to complete this design!


We’ve shown you one way to colour this letter, but this is a step where you can take over and add your twists to the design!In our example, we’re using a blue colour scheme for the font. Even the colours can help make the letter look like a bubble.You will see how the letter colour is darker in some areas than others.

We’ve brought the lighter colours closer to the reflective oval we drew earlier.My final tips for making your bubble letter L drawing even more special! Finding ways to make this simple map more interesting in this guide was great fun! We hope you also enjoyed your creation.