Best NFT Stocks to Watch in 2022;

We all know it, but let me remind you: In the stock market there is no single stock that will provide maximum returns. On the contrary, the more variety in your portfolio, the better returns you will reap over time.

 American Express (AXP);

American Express Company (NYSE: AXP ) is the world’s leading merchant-card issuer. It currently operates the largest payments network in the United States and in 23 international markets, and has a rich history of risk-taking and market leadership.
All companies in this industry face competition, however, and the longer American Express operates as the market leader, the more competitors may take advantage of its defensiveness, resulting in a slower pace of top-line growth.

During 2018, AXP stock suffered under adverse economic conditions as its number of active cardholders declined for the first time. Sales are projected to stabilize and potentially grow from 2019 onwards.

Centene Corporation (CNC);

Co-founded in 1996, Centene Corporation (NYSE: CNC ) has grown to become a leading healthcare provider. The company is also a provider of post-acute and long-term care services and products, and sells Medicare plans to consumers across the United States.
Its stock has struggled amid difficult conditions for the healthcare industry as the amount of uninsured Americans continues to rise. Also, Centene’s dependence on government healthcare funding poses the risk of cuts that are also increasing the potential risk of a decline in stock prices.

With low prices in this industry, CNC stock has been weak, and is currently the worst performing healthcare stock among the top-30.

 Sanderson Farms, Inc. (SAFM);

Sanderson Farms, Inc. (NASDAQ: SAFM ) is the third-largest poultry producer in the United States, and operates three separate but complementary businesses.
It owns and operates 559 retail feedlots and 13 processing plants in 15 states and four countries. The company sells poultry products, including chickens, roasters, whole birds, chicken products, pork products and lean meats.

However, as the American consumer shifts towards locally produced products, SAFM’s chicken business is threatened. This is where it faces competition from a growing number of beef producers as well as meat processors and grocery stores.

Although meat prices have been low, the possibility of rising prices will not provide the boost to SAFM’s earnings that its consumer-facing businesses provide.

Accenture (ACN);

Accenture PLC (NYSE: ACN ) is a leading professional services firm that helps companies leverage technology to improve their business performance.
In the past few years, ACN stock has struggled, but the economy has not improved as well as investors expected. The risks to the stock have come from its reliance on markets like the United States that are showing signs of weakness.

ACN also faces the risk of declines in revenue from some existing clients, while it also faces competition from IT consulting companies and big retailers.

This has put a strain on ACN stock, which has seen a steady decline over the past few months.

Parker-Hannifin Corp (PH);

Parker-Hannifin Corp (NYSE: PH ) is a global leader in the supply of motors, hydraulic, lubrication, power and motion components for locomotives, planes, cars, trucks, cranes and industrial equipment.

The company is also a leader in providing solutions for non-power electric equipment such as lawn mowers, power tools and household appliances.

The company’s products are used for high-power applications that are very important to keep the economy running. PH has been in the news a lot recently, as CEO Jim Meister has been leading a renewed focus on sustainability in the transportation and aerospace industries