Selling digital products is a simple way to start an online eCommerce business. You do not have to pay for tangible products or worry about maintaining inventory or transporting orders. Selling digital items on an eCommerce platform like Shopify is every entrepreneur’s dream for three reasons:

  • You can sell an infinite number of product copies with no production or logistical costs
  • Digital products have far better profit margins than physical products
  • It is quite simple to create a digital product

Do you have a course you would like to sell? Is it an ebook? Is there any product that does not require shipping?

If yes, then Hire Shopify developers to thrive in the world of eCommerce by successfully selling digital products. However, the most basic question that might linger in your mind is how to set up digital products in Shopify. Worry not! We have created this detailed guide to help you with that question.

How to add digital products to Shopify?

Step 1: Add product information

Assuming your store is already up and operating, you must add product information to it.

  • Navigate to your Shopify dashboard.
  • Navigate to the “Products” tab.
  • Select the “Add new product” option.
  • Fill up the blanks with your information.

When uploading items to Shopify, label them as digital to disable the shipping email and allow the digital capabilities.

  • Scroll down to the “Shipping” box on the Product page.
  • Uncheck the “This is a physical product” box.
  • Repeat for all digital items.

Step 2: Download the digital products app on the store

After logging in to Shopify, download a digital products app. Shopify development does not have its own built-in system for selling digital items, so you will need to use third-party software from the Shopify App Store to make it work.

For example, Downloadable Digital Assets. It was created by Shopify developers and also has a free plan.

Step 3: Upload your digital assets

Now go to the ‘assets page’ and click on ‘upload new assets.’ Then, upload your digital files there. Or hire a Shopify developer to complete the task seamlessly.

Step 4: Attach digital files to products

  • Select an uploaded asset by clicking on it (blue link on the asset name)
  • Go to the search box and find the products you want to attach them to.
  • Repeat the procedure for all assets.

If you have a large number of assets and products, you can link assets to products in bulk by utilizing a CSV.

In conclusion

Adding digital products to Shopify is genuinely as simple as that. Once you have associated your digital files with the appropriate products, the platform will send download emails to your clients when they make a purchase. In addition, the app will fulfill all digital items in order while leaving all physical things unfilled.

The best part? Digital products have a greater profit margin than physical ones and also require less time in repetitive manufacturing. So, hire the best Shopify developers now to sell digital products on Shopify.