Compugroup Medical is one of the world’s leading e-health companies. Their software solutions support doctors, dentists, and other health care professionals with workflow, diagnosis, and therapy in clinics and hospitals worldwide.

CompuGroup Medical software offers a wide range of ambulatory information systems for physician practices and clinics, FQHC’s, and community health centers. Their solutions include CGM Clinical, Enterprise PM, Enterprise EHR, and CGM webEHR.

CGM DAQbilling

CGM DAQbilling is a practice management solution from CompuGroup that is specifically designed for small to mid-sized medical practices, billing services and laboratories. It is a web-based system that helps to streamline the claims process, reduce errors and improve reimbursements in an effective way.

The software is also a great way to manage patient data, improve the efficiency of your practice and keep your business compliant. The software features a number of functionalities, such as a built-in clearinghouse that allows for automated referral and authorization tracking, and a real-time audit trail to safeguard your patients’ personal information.

The system is integrated with a host of other systems, including our EMR-solution CGM WebEHR and lab solution CGM LabDAQ. It is a fully integrated solution that puts all your billing and scheduling needs in one place, making it easier to navigate through patient records and make smarter clinical decisions. Using the software’s real-time dashboard you can see all your most important data in one place.

CGM Clinical

CGM Clinical is an integrated electronic healthcare record-practice management solution that offers a single point of access to important documentation, patient health records, reports and billing information. This system is popular among physician practices and FQHCs due to its easy-to-use design that delivers high efficiency gains.

Several studies have shown that CGM can improve patient-controlled diabetes mellitus (CDM) outcomes, including reductions in A1C and hypoglycemia. It also can improve patient engagement with diabetes management.

However, integrating CGM into clinical practice can be challenging. Some barriers include data overload and increased clinic staff time. HCP education on data interpretation is necessary to facilitate effective use of CGM.

CompuGroup Medical provides a variety of ambulatory information systems, including CGM LABDAQ, an advanced laboratory information system, and CGM LABNEXUS, a glycemic monitoring outreach program. Both solutions are fully web-based, and can be deployed on a variety of devices. They are especially popular with FQHCs and community health centers.


CGM LABDAQ is the leading laboratory information system in the US, delivering advanced functionality to optimize revenue, improve customer satisfaction and promote patient safety. With rules-based technology and LAB IQ, CGM LABDAQ enables laboratories of all sizes to increase efficiency, streamline workflow, reduce turnaround times and minimize errors.

The LIS is also designed to verify clinical lab tests are billed correctly. Its bi-directional interfaces to billing systems and EHRs, and HL7 integration with other health providers, provide seamless connectivity, total access to necessary parties, and maximized reimbursements.

In addition, CGM LABDAQ supports cannabis testing with data management, instrument integration, support for multi-step test protocols, quality control and inventory management. This comprehensive solution helps your lab achieve ISO/IEC 17025 compliance and facilitates chain-of-custody tracking.

CompuGroup Medical offers a robust support team, and has made great strides in recent years to ensure excellent communication and speedy resolutions for CGM LABDAQ users. This in-house team has a strong focus on customer service and is available Monday to Friday, 8 a.m to 11 p.m.

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CGM WebEHR is a medical software program that can be used by both small and large practices. It features electronic health records, practice management, a patient portal, and more.

Designed for healthcare facilities of all sizes, this system is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed via the web. It also offers mobile accessibility and a revenue cycle management system.

Its eDOCS feature lets you store all of your documents in an easy-to-retrieve format. The system can also be configured to save images of EOBs or other documents directly to a patient’s account.

The company’s LABDAQ software assists with workflow, manages vast amounts of laboratory data, and interfaces with analyzers, EMRs and reference labs, public health labs, physician’s offices, and more.

The 2014 Edition compliant Complete Ambulatory EHR solutions were certified by InfoGard Laboratories and have satisfied the Meaningful Use requirements for ambulatory settings. They also have a comprehensive support team that responds quickly to customer requests.