Does your family experience drain blockage frequently in their home due to something clogging them entirely? Then it might be time for you to hire a company who would send professional people that could clear out the clogged part of your drains successfully. If you don’t fix the clogged drains properly, then the problems that could arise because of it might overwhelm you in certain situations. Blocked drains can make the whole house suffer, as they wouldn’t be able to use their toilets due to issues with blockage. Not doing such thing, in proper time could lead you to completely change the drains and replace them with new ones.

Some Of The Most Typical Culprits Behind Blocked Drains Are:

Blocked Drains

  • Hair

The most well-known culprit in the occurrence of blocked drains is human hair. . They get into the pipes and obstruct the waste water as it tries to leave your home. Hence, keeping any loose hair away from washrooms could help you avoid any situation regarding clogging effectively.

  • Food Thrown Away As Garbage

In most instances, people decide to throw their food wrappers or scraps from their sinks. If those items don’t pass through the drains adequately, then it could result in blocked drains for few days until they get it cleared.  Instead of being thrown away, wet wipes can be flushed down the toilet, where they could later accumulate, thereby causing a significant amount of clogging.

  • Accumulation Of Mud

Muds are one of the major reasons drains get blocked after some time. It is not easy to clear out the blocked drains out of mud, as it likes to stay inside of the pipes until a major initiative is taken for it.

Leaves and roots from trees in your yard can make their way into your plumbing system and, when combined with other debris like hair, it would totally result in blocked drains. .

Tips To Follow For Unclogging The Blocked Drains

Even though, there are lots of problems that have led to blocked drains, but you can still clear them out if you choose to follow certain tips for it effectively.

  • Making Vinegar or Baking Soda solution

Fixing blocked drains with baking soda is a quite popular method.   Those interested in trying this cure can substitute an equivalent amount of salt for baking soda. After an hour, run boiling water down the drain to flush it out. You can also add vinegar to that solution for more effectiveness.

  • Caustic Cleaners For Blocked Drains

Expert drain uncloggers are always available to resolve any blocked drains. You may buy one with caustic soda, pour it down the drain, and wait for it to show its magic.

  • Using A Snake In A Drain

A drain snake is one of the most reliable ways to unclog a drain. Drop an iron wire to get the garbage moving for the drain to open. You may also fashion a drain snake out of a clothes hanger by folding it properly.

  • Applying Vacuum

You can suction the necessary area and remove the trash directly from the drain with a dry or wet vacuum. It is one of the most reliable approaches to unlocking blocked drains and tubs.

  • Drainage Area Unearthed

The only way to determine if the blocked drains are permanently damaged is to dig up the area and examine the pipes. Don’t try to do this alone at home, instead leaving it to the professionals would be a wiser choice. To repair a broken drain, professionals will first dig up the area around it and replace the damaged pipe with a brand-new one.

Blocked Drains


If your drainage system pipes are left unclogged, you will have a poor drainage system throughout your house. Hence, keeping foreign material away from the drains that could clog them if somehow they get inside of them would be the best choice. Aside from the obvious health risks associated with blocked drains, they can also attract rodents and other unwanted visitors to your home and even cause structural damage if left unchecked. A sink plunger can clear a blocked drain in an emergency, but if it still  doesn’t fix anything, a plumber must be called in.